I Think TC Needs To Start A Voting Poll To Put Something In Or Take Someting Out Of Gears 5

For Example I would Vote For Faster Movement speed and I would also vote for more ammo capacity in all game modes

Definitely more ammo especially for horde and I’d be down for faster movement cause the game needs it

yes its sooo slow so paced and the maps are a bit bigger so faster movement is needed

lets seeee, Nerf the hammer, nerf the lancer, nerf aim assist, better maps, better chracters that wont cost $20, better hit boxes, remove stun grenades, better input time, 8 shots in the gnasher.
just a few things off the top off my head.


Keep it up maybe we’ll get somewhere

And where will you get enough feedback to understand the community majority? The forums?

This place is a fraction of the gears community

xbox live do a survey before or after a match its not rocket science or put a suggestion box in the main menu

Still isn’t going to matter or be accurate lol

If you say so…