I think TC is going the right direction with the new update


The idea of restricting new players from ranked is a step in the right direction in my opinion. But level 10 is still way too low. I think that you should have re-uped at least once to play, maybe even twice. Anything lower then that should be restricted to social.
I think a similar system should go for Horde. Where to play each increasing difficulty level, you have to have completed the previous difficulty. So to play normal, you have to have completed casual, to play hardcore you have to have completed normal, and so on.

I understand that it is a small player base. But I would rather wait longer periods of time so as to have more balenced matches.

(Krylon Blue) #2

While I kinda wish this happened I’d also be happy with level 25/50. Level 10 isn’t even high enough to get their feet wet but it’s not like I’ll see them in my matches anyway lol

(III EnVii III) #3

Level 25 is a good shout :+1:


You know this will be implemented for sure in Gears 5 and I am sure they will make it level 25


I still think that 25 is too low. If you play horde and social, it really wouldn’t take long to re-up anyways.

(HoesEatOreos) #6

aww man what if i want to smurf ???

(III EnVii III) #7

Level 10 takes no time to get too - like 2 matches :joy:

(Asurazu Rasu) #8

For ranked yes but I think the ranked playlists need to have social mixed into them. Getting to level 25 only being thrown into arms race & TDM doesn’t sound too much fun

(GB6 Kazuya) #9

I don’t really care too much for the newer players, but I think Re-Up 1 would be a bit much. I’d go for level 50. Surely by that stage they will have at least 1% competence.

…but then again I’ve seen level 1050 players with barely a fully functioning single brain cell so who knows.

As for Horde that makes sense, Insane shouldn’t be available unless you’ve completed 50 waves in normal. But then again, this game doesn’t have the same sense of “progress” like it’s predecessors so it doesn’t matter.

(AliceInChainsaw) #10

Reup 10 for ranked imo.

Because it’s easy to achieve and you’ll know the very basics of the game by then. It’s also just far enough out that smurfs will go away.

(AliceInChainsaw) #11

level 1050 playing as the guardian

(GB6 Kazuya) #12

You really do have the perfect gifs for everything :joy:

(Krylon Blue) #13


Once again your gif game is surpassed by none!


(mendigo2005) #14

And inconceivable horde.

And reup 5 for insane horde.

It is a way to do it (and it’s on incon right now). But it is also cheatable. We still find white levels there.

(HoesEatOreos) #15

but i don’t wanna play social with bots :frowning:

(Gnashty Damerch) #16

Another thing people should be aware of is that you’re not gonna play noobs or whatever. The main point here is to prevent smurf accounts. I know people who make one every week, whether it’s for playing and helping others rank up or for aimbotting. I think level 50 is decent.

(III EnVii III) #17

Yeah, Smurf accounts are a big problem and a lot of the Diamond players have one which can affects people’s games and ranks.

(sancris777) #18

All they have to do is play horde one time and they will probably be passed level 10

(Krylon Blue) #19


The best bet would be to force them to play 20 Social matches from start to finish before they can join a ranked match.

(HoesEatOreos) #20

10 is too low in my opinion

maybe 50