I think TC is about to break the horde and escape meta

This. x1000. Thank you.

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Well, to be fair, 5 of the same character in the same lobby is quite unlikely to occur.

And duplicate characters with different or the same roles wasn’t an issue in Gears 4. What’s going to make it a problem in 5, aside from TC doing UI reworks and an initial adaptation period to a new system? This isn’t like Versus where TC creates different things every other week.

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I’ve been playing both PVE and PVP, PVE since the very beginning, in Private and Public, for years, and I have never seen such a scenario, except during Gears of War 2 when clans would purposely all pick the same characters and skins, mostly being Dom or Baird.

And if it were to happen during a public match, just back out if it’s such a issue?

But again, I’ve never seen it happen personally.

Now that I think about it, I’ve never seen such a scenario in any PVE game that I’ve played online.

Looks like that isn’t happening now. No balancing. Nothing. But you can change the JD class to a character skin of your choice. Fake illusion of choice.

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Let’s face it. You got more friend invites after a random game in 4 than you will ever get in 5. That explains the imbalance and BS of 5 implicitly