I think TC is about to break the horde and escape meta

I have seen lobby titles indicating hosts would only run waves 1-20 or from 31-50, and so on. Some also do runs from 41-50 due to those waves apparently giving the highest amount of XP for a character/overall.

I did a rough count and came out with a figure of around 150 for GOW4, 10 months after release - give or take. I wasn’t precise about it because I can’t be bothered with dates but I counted skins which went up to around July 2017. This included skins from special events like the Tiger Swarm Drone or Vintage Kait; exclusive skins from preorders like Vintage Oscar etc; as well as Black Steel skins; plus the ones from Gear Packs released in the first 10 months or so.

In terms of GOW5, I personally have 139 skins in my inventory, but I haven’t any of the exclusive Kait’s (Glacier and Ice) or that Carbon Fibre JACK; nor have I got the AAPE Kait; plus I’m missing the Cardboard JACK and DeeBee; plus Delivery Driver Mac. There may be a few more I’m missing too. So as a minimum at this point in time, there are at least 146 character skins in the game.

So the figures are pretty similar.

You may complain about the totems or whatever, but players in GOW4 could equally argue that they didn’t have enough credits to spend on the Gear Packs; missed out due to their limited release, or RNG continuously messed them about.

Might be the end of horde for me if this happens. Couldn’t stand 4 with five idiots with the same skin doing different jobs…ridiculous.


You’re 100% right about this.


Yes Hero system should be left as it is. Changing it now will only accelerate the demise of horde. It will only create additional issues that negatively will impact this release. I think it’s clear I preferred gears 4 but I certainly see the merits of this hero system and respect those of you who prefer it.


Well they would need some sort of class icons to represent JD, Kait, Jack classes. And then weapon that all the Kait’s carry could be a giveaway to which class they are playing. Like if you wanted to kick Engineer Kait, they would be holding a Repair Tool. They just have to double check names before accidentally kicking wrong person.

Does this potentially mean Jack can play the role of JD? Hilarious


Maybe they will scrap Jack all together? They said that we will be able to use all cog characters in horde and escape. How would jack go in escape?

Well either way I don’t think it will be nearly as big of a deal as some make it out to be.

(General statement)
And frankly, I think it seems a bit ridiculous to quit the game/Horde because of a change that for all intents and purposes has no actual or significant effect on gameplay and if you refuse to have duplicate characters, then state it in a lobby title, instead of requesting a terrible system to be kept that has hardly any positives to it and also is hated by those who want to play their favorite character(s) with what they like to play the most.

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It’s interesting isn’t it? When the Hero system first came out this was basically what people were complaining about - myself included. My view was that given the way the store was being set up as the main way of acquiring character skins, I felt strongly that if I’m paying X amount of money for a skin, then I should be able to use it as much as possible.

I had also said at the time that playing as the same character isn’t an issue - just cross-reference names on the scoreboard with the Tac-Com. I never had any issue with it.

But it has to be said, the Hero system has grown on me and I wouldn’t have much of an issue if it stayed as it was. It’s certainly got flaws and issues, but I appreciate the concept and the effort TC put into it. If TC could up the pace of which new Heroes and Villains can be released, and balance some elements of it, then it would be pretty good.


That would be WAY to much work. And you’ll have to have that Kait within a good range to even see that she has the repair tool.


There would need to be a Jack character with legs lol. I would pay iron to see that guy in action

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Ohhhhh I know! Jack in a silverback! FUUUUUUUUUUUUKKKKKKKKKK YEAH!


The hero system has grown on me, and I like it a lot this way opposed to 4.

I was just in a match yesterday playing Master Horde on AllFathers, and I noticed Del wasn’t shooting any enemies, he was staying out the way and letting everyone kill enemies. He was just doing his job, repairing & fortifying. The reason why I brung this up is because if that would’ve been JD instead, just standing there, I would’ve lost it, and felt like we were being trolled. Not realizing JD was the engineer.

We’ll have to relearn the game, and readjust even at this stage, especially if you’ve been use to playing it from the beginning.

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Those people are dumb then

The carmines character models where already created but their unique hero skills where not finished so TC released the skins and said the hero stuff would be available when its done and ready.
This meant that if you played MP you could enjoy some new characters. If you played horde/escape you had to wait.

But surprise surprise people complained

To my knowledge TC are going to be doing more of this moving forward.

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it wouldn’t be OK … it would be " MARVELOUS " :slight_smile:

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Me and a few Buddys did stuff like that alot in Gears 4 Horde… 5 Luchadore Oscars or 5 diffrent skins but the same Characters :joy:

I honestly wouldnt be worried about the Characters being tied to a certain Role… well if they would be WAY MORE balanced. If they untie Characters from Roles it won’t help the main Issue Gears 5 Horde has, no Balance between Heros.

When going from 4 to 5 i thought the idea of changing from the 4:s classes to hero skills was ridiculous. Now playing it since release I can’t imagine how they’re even going to implement a removal of the current system without messing it up totally.
I’m guessing that the ones that left the game won’t come back since the hero system aint the main reason they left and the ones that has gotten used to the new system will leave because of its removal so probably horde will be dead by the end of the summer. Already what you have to choose from in master lobbies is five different matches on Forge. Might be the end of Gears 5 for me.


They should have learned from Judgment. Instead they copied everything bad about it including the weapon and gameplay mechanics, minus the humanfest pvp

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