I think TC is about to break the horde and escape meta

On previous days TC mentioned that they will change a lot of things risking about PvE and the most probable “solution” that maybe they are planning is remove the hero system for some of you this cold be ok but imagine at horde lobbys or escape you’re looking for specific skills but no one wants to play that roll will be a disorder and they will break the Meta


No I disagree.

If it’s a private custom lobby, then the host has control over it anyway. They can kick players who don’t cooperate and won’t even start the game until they are ready/happy to do so.

And secondly and more importantly, we have a larger range of characters available in the game now than at launch so it’s very possible for people to choose the wrong characters/roles as it is. Again, it’s down to the host to decide.

Public matchmaking? I doubt this will make a difference for the same reasons. Not everyone is currently willing to play as X character or Y character, and this currently results in people leaving right now, so this will be no different.

And thirdly, if people are set on trying to complete a particular map or Escape hive, then they will have to work together to do so. They have a choice - either compromise and give it a go as their non-1st choice role, or leave. It’s no different to right now.

And lastly, we know so little about what TC is actually planning. They may still retain some restrictions to character/role selection. They may allow us to pick whatever character we want to play as, but still restrict us to one specific role at any one time - e.g.: all 5 players can choose JD as their character skin, but only one player will be able to fulfil the current JD-demolitions role in the lobby, while other JD’s have to fulfil another role like engineer or scout. As I said, TC have confirm nothing specific.


Meta: You must play this exact way, and this is the only way anyone can ever play.

Yes, the “meta” should be broken.


If the meta goes from “my way or the highway” to “it’s about teamwork and and skill” then I might even play Horde again.


Imagine that…5 JDs all wearing the same skin but taking up different roles. How confusing would that be lol? Guy 1 is JD the engineer but some other JD is building stuff. But which one (cue tac/com investigation). Ludicrous; a nightmare scenario on every level. Might be funny in custom games though where host JD accidentally kicks the wrong JD. Rofl.


Well, GOW4 was like that! We could have 5 of the same character all playing as a Scout or a Heavy.


I’ve never ever been in a gears 4 game with that happening but maybe that’s cos there were so many characters to choose from. But you have a point although character duplication is more likely in gears 5 because of this lack of variety. The hero system thwarts variation on every level and the game suffers massively as a result. Unless OP 4 is something special I will be playing 3 and 4 in future.

And I can only imagine this would only increase the immediate kickings when joining a custom lobby, which are already rampant.

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We currently have a large number of character skins to choose from in GOW5 as well so this isn’t any different. The Hero system simply limits what can be released at any point in time - so in terms of numbers, we have probably similar numbers; however at present we cannot get the likes of Hoffman, Anya etc until a Hero of them is out (although Gary, Anthony, Benjamin and the DeeBee are proof that if TC wanted to, they could be released without a Hero/Villain model).

Cmon. There is nowhere near the character/skin variety in 5 compared to what we enjoyed in 4.

Count them and compare it to GOW4 10 months after release.

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Rofl. I will leave that to you since its you that is trying to making the claim that there is some remote parity here. And don’t forget that many players bought the carmine set only to be extremely disappointed that they could only use them in certain game modes.

Actually, you were the one to first claim that. I made a general statement that we have a large selection to choose from. You were the one who specifically claimed that GOW5 has less characters.

This post is the absolute reason why I dislike breaking up the hero system. You mean to tell me I can play as Emile as an engineer? I don’t wanna go back to Gears 4 style. So, many people complaining so of course their gonna change it.

When I’m in a match, and see specific characters, I know exactly what their roles are now all that gonna be thrown out the window.


I don’t have a wide selection because I hate escape and thus cannot satisfy the unlock criteria for the specific totem. I don’t have a single character that requires escape stats . That was never an issue in 4. And I am certainly not paying iron for the privilege

It wasn’t an issue distinguishing between three Kaits(just to name an example) having different classes in Gears 4. Why would it be an issue in Gears 5?

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Custom lobbies will kick you at once.

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All the more reason to just host yourself. I rarely join other’s lobbies these days because of people who are trigger happy on that kick function.

Custom is a great concept because it allows players to join games according to the amount of time they have at their disposal. If these players host then they are gonna quit their own game and disrupt it for those who joined.

The host can indicate they will not run the game to wave 50 - or sign out/quit the game without making the entire match end.

I have never seen a custom game tagged as you describe.