I think it's time to talk about repair tool and this PROBLEM :D

you could just remove the noise that the repair tool makes when we finish a repair (or when the life of the fortification is full), I don’t know if it’s me in particular, but it’s extremely irritating, this noise annoys me, I try to avoid playing with ENG because listening to that noise 50 waves is torture. could have a simple option to remove the noise (so people who like it could leave it on). I know it sounds silly but it would be something of great intelligence.

No. THAT sounded silly.


It’s a great indicator that you can move on to the next fortification. I agree that the sound itself is irritating but removing it altogether would be a horrible idea.

They could add color-coded outlines to fortifications in Tac-Com which represent their health state. Green for max health, red for almost destroyed. Maybe also show a color when aiming at one with the repair tool in hand. I find the health bars are sometimes hard to read.
I’d also like the ability to see destroyed fortifications in Tac-Com, actually.

what I think is that the vast majority of people on this forum have no common sense, just said to create an option to remove an annoying sound, if you don’t have the ability to argue something smart, go do something more useful in life

If we’re going to start removing annoying sounds, could we please start with Casan’s laugh? Priorities.:stuck_out_tongue:

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Can we just remove Casan from the game while we’re at it? Her voice lines are annoying. She’s at the opposite end of the spectrum of why El-P was annoying.

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