I think it’s about time they fixed the Dropshot Scion instant-kill bug

So let me get this straight - if a piece of mining equipment drops directly onto my character’s head, drills into their skull, and explodes, that’s just gonna down me. But if that same piece of equipment bounces off a wall and explodes a few feet away, that’s an instant kill?

Come on TC, it’s past time to fix this. It’s only been present since the launch of Gears 4.


OHHH so that’s why that happens
That’s a stupid bug
I never knew why

Yeah that is stupid especially on the end

Agreed they should get rid of the bounce off Instant Kill but IMO also return the insta-kill on Headshot like Gears 4.


It’s been around ever since the weapon was introduced. It seems like it is supposed to be like this, even though it doesn’t make any sense.


I loved when that happened. It was just so satisfying. No clue as to why they got rid of it and not interested in the reason either lol. I want it back lol

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And the worst part is that it doesn’t work the other way around.
When you bounce your dropshot off a wall it barely damages the enemies.

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You realize the Dropshot Scions on Insane/Incon(and extremely rarely Hardcore, in my entire Gears 4 career I only saw that happen on that difficulty once or twice) could also headshot you on return, right?

And I mean actually headshot.

Yep, fully aware. Honestly wouldn’t mind it, and it didn’t bother me in Gears of War 4. Anytime it happened was purely because I wasn’t paying attention lol.

yeah this needs to go lol

flash backs to elite drones mantle kicking me in gears 4 and executiing, also flashbacks to getting chainsaw them as a scout, ALSO flashbacks getting frag tag and dieing from elite drones

Ah, I miss that lol. Running around as scout and losing focus only to have a grenade out on my back lol. Ah, good times.

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They did it on Casual too, those Scions were deadly in 4.

Yeah… feels a bit funky to me

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No answer from michael ? :hushed:

Nah. Gears 4 was made by a lot of freelance devs, so it stands to reason that quite a few less-than-skilled ppl worked on the dropshot and no one since went back to fix it.

This has been around from launch and caused many infuriating master escape fails. I’ve just got used to it and don’t expect it to be fixed.


Seems they are going to try to push for one big game fix
They are fixing everything y’all people hate

Good one tc

No, it’s the Opposite :slightly_smiling_face:

They are going to “Fix :arrow_right: Pass” the Bugs that everyone hate.