I think Control would work better with zoned areas instead of a large ring

Obviously i haven’t played Control yet, it’s not out as of making this thread, so this is pure speculation.

But in my opinion i think having specific zones would create a better experience.

Having a ring that’s 2.5x larger i think really limits where you can have a capture point on the map.
If you have zones you can change the size and shape according to certain areas.
I also think it would help differentiate Control from KOTH and make it feel like it’s own game mode.

Here are some examples on the map Asylum which they used to show gameplay of Control.
These are quite poorly edited but the zone area would consist of everything inside the blue lines.
The blue zone lines are also the only entry way.
Hopefully you can understand what i’m trying to get across.

Inside the top central area with Boltok/Talon spawn.

Inside the bottom central area with Grenade spawn.

Inside the area with the Shock Grenade spawn near each players starting spawn.

Inside the bottom area with the Dropshot/Boomshot spawn.

Inside both bottom corner areas between the trains.

Inside both rooms at the top corner areas with the medical bed and chairs on the other side.

Inside the top area with the Sniper/Embar spawn.

Inside the area directly out of spawn with the statue.

Just some examples, there’s a lot of places you can place zoned areas.

I feel like having a huge ring on small/medium sized maps and inside enclosed areas may be an issue.
If the ring takes up a huge portion of the map then when the ring changes positions it wont be far away from where it original was, meaning players won’t have to go far or need to rotate as soon.

I can also see how it may cause problems with spawns. I think they mentioned they have additional areas you can spawn in Control on the livestream, maybe they did have issues with spawns due to the rings size and that’s why.

The ring also only awarding points while standing in it is unique to Control and i like the idea, but with the ring being so large and players not having to travel a long distance to contest it i can see games lasting a long time.

With Zones you can change the size and layout according to the environment which i personally think would benefit the mode and create a more tailored experience than what Control currently offers.

This is all just speculation of course without playing it and purely my opinion as of right now.
But who knows, maybe it plays really well in the format it’s in when it releases.

I edited a map of Asylum to show the zones from overhead.
Their not exactly like i show above as i edited this after i made the thread.
The zones would be mirrored so 12 zones in total.


I think increasing the size will allow breaks without being within gib distance. That’s a more interesting experience.

Most games do more like you are saying, but by increasing the radius of the circle it essentially does the same thing.

Seems like it would create an odd layout in some areas, but we will assume TC has playtested the maps.

The size of the zoned areas could be as big or as small as you wanted them to be.
The zoned areas would just be suited to the layout of the map better than a large ring.

I just feel like Control in it’s current form is too similar to KOTH and this may help differentiate the mode.

It’s like if Gears 5 had KOTH and Annex, the modes aren’t different enough to warrant having both and splitting players up between them. I don’t want Control to just feel like KOTH 2.0 but seeing as KOTH is the most popular Ranked mode maybe that’s what The Coalition are going for, who knows.


I agree, but I could see this mode become more popular than regular KOTH.

But I also thought the version before (forget the name) where you had to stay in the ring was better. Rings changed faster too.

Well it is Gears 2 or Halo 3 style KOTH which I am all for, makes it more challenging to keep control of the hill. It’s the more traditional form of KOTH. I like your suggestion of having it be a zone instead of a ring, but honestly this would more likely cause games to take longer. The larger the zone, depending on the area of the map, the more opportunity there is to stall.

Admittedly I didn’t watch the stream, but did they mention score limits for rounds (180 like KOTH or less?) or if the ring moves during the round?

The score limit is 250 and it’s a single round. The ring is 2.5x larger and it also moves around the map.

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Thank you for the info!

With it being only one round I personally don’t think games will last any longer than a regular KOTH match. Especially if the overtime mechanic is present like current KOTH. The zones is a good idea to break up the map into more unique encounters, but I feel it would also just cause more emphasis on getting most of the points from the smaller zones. Either way I’m excited to see how it plays out.

Sorry I’m just not feeling the hype yet. So the major contribution of Op6 is simply widening the KotH ring? Seriously? That took a guy like 5 minutes maybe? May as well been a minor update unless they have a lot more surprises up their sleeve. Maybe one of you could convince me otherwise. Come on, guys, hype me up for Control.

Honestly, if a koth ring’s big brother can’t hype you up, I don’t know what will

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What you’ve described is exactly what I originally expected and I agree 100%.

I was very disappointed to see it was just a larger ring.


Yes, this actually changes up the game mode and separates it more from KOTH. Good idea.

Also I dunno if it the area should move…

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I think the idea is this improves upon koth, therefore could replace it. If players like this mode, I bet TC will polish some things (refined areas rather than rings etc), and then it could maybe replace koth in ranked?

I’d be all for it. I love the idea of this mode.

I also like the idea of future maps being made with this mode in mind. I think map layouts and designs could be refreshing for this game mode concept.

i wish it wouldve been like hardpoint from cod, that was my impression of what it shouldve been and i feel like it could work well in gears. but seeing it more in depth… idk, like most of what people are saying its koth but the rings bigger.

Maybe move less often? I like the added strategies of rotating to the next capture area.

This is really well made and is exactly what I want control to be. Areas to capture instead of a bigger ring is way better.


Agreed, this would be more aesthetically pleasing. Maybe a semi-transparent effect, such as Veteran’s ultimate ability when in cover. Blue for cog, normal red for locust.


Maybe 2 per round then. Or combined with shorter rounds.

But at its release…I don’t think its thought out very well.

You’re hired at TC get in there and edit it in.

Like I said, in my other reply, I bet this is something they are trialing to ensure people will like this mode before polishing and refining those aspects. Feedback is gonna be key imo. It’ll be in customs past the 2 week playlist as well. I’m excited to play it. Even as is, I’d take this over current koth tbh, but it definitely can get fine tuned before entering ranked.

Is it rlly necessary to have to trial everything though? Lol what happened to game modes being released with creative vision and them being fairly well implemented from the start?

They weren’t creative at all with this.