I take it back: AUS Matchmaking Needs Fixing

Several days ago I said that Matchmaking in Aus seemed to be working, Well that was either a fluke or something has become broken. It now seems to be impossible to find a game in Australia. TC please loosen up the constraints on AU (and other locations) so that we can actually get the full value out of the product.

We can deal with 100-200ms ping times (Australians are use to it) Halo, Overwatch, Fortnite, etc. have no issue with throwing us into another region ranked lobby - I’m sure you can manage it too!

I can’t help but feel that waiting 20+ minutes for a lobby to ‘possibly’ accept us is a justifiable use of our time. I’ve seen wait times of over 1 hour (both with and without restarting the search every 5 minutes).

We’ve paid you just as much money as our North America counterparts so please start giving a damn about us too! If you want to stem the flood of players leaving, then actually show them that you value their support.


The fact that we can’t even get a low ping match in co op vs AI is a joke. I’m sick of it and MP is now completely dead.


Sometimes you’ll get lucky and find a match of Casual Quickplay or Arcade on an Australian sever, but you’re right, I don’t know if I ever have seen Co-op do that.

The part I find most frustrating is that Escalation isn’t available on Quickplay - so I doubt I’ll ever get that medal before tour 1 is over (and it’s the only one I need).

Feels pretty rigged against us.

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I’ve asked numerous times what the status of the third phase of matchmaking is which I’ve been told should alleviate our matchmaking issues. Still yet to get a response…

The thing that’s sucks is the changes they are making to the game are good. WE JUST CANT EXPERIENCE THEM.

I don’t care about latency. I don’t care about having to wait for 10 mins if it’s going to find me a match. But waiting 25+ minutes and not finding a quickplay match, or waiting 3 hours (my record) and being unable to find a TDM match is just wrong.

I wouldn’t care if they came out and said “matchmaking will be fixed for Operation 2”. Then I would know when to actually come back. But the lack of advice about WHEN these supposed changes are going to come in is actually quite upsetting and frustrating.

We WANT to love this game, but being unable to access the core component of it that we seek to play is just super punishing to us.

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That’s it man. We just want to know ‘when’ or even ‘if’ it’ll be fixed. I had to kiss goodbye getting every medal (escalation being the only one I need) because I can’t get a game anymore, outside of begging US players to let me join their stacks - and even then that’s not a guaranteed win (or game even).


Yeah that’s it. I’ve been working on Grind Season but I also know I’m not a good player.

I want to become a better player but I can’t find any matches to improve. That means I’m begging a US player to try and join their matchmaking and then hoping that (a) they don’t kick me for being bad, or (b) that they can carry me to some sort of win.

If it was just ranked I could deal fine. The fact quick play takes 30+ minutes to find a match is what sucks the most.

And the thing that really hurts is the silence on it. All these great news posts about ‘What we can expect’ or how they have fixed certain modes or made certain tweaks, and here we are sitting at our screens staring at Fahz

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Here’s hoping we get some more information soon…

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Why won’t they just let us play on USA servers we don’t complain about the ping

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Exactly - I’ve never heard an Australian player complain about bad ping once - we just want to actually PLAY. Like Outremerz was saying, we want to improve as players but this becomes really hard when we can’t actually get a game in the first place.

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At launch was fine ever since one Of theses updates can never get ranked matches

Yeah that’s it.

I actually wouldn’t mind if they came out and said ‘we don’t know when it would be fixed’. At least then we would know it hasn’t dropped off the radar.

It’s been one month now since the “Improving Matchmaking” news post and two weeks since the last Matchmaking update (which consequently was the ranked mode update). We have heard nothing since then, but have been shown changes to Escalation, changes to KotH and also what we can expect for Tour of Duty 2 (which if these connections don’t fix is just going to be more dead content for us).

Its very tiring. I search these forums/discord/Twitter each day hoping to find some nugget of information but it just seems like we are forgotten. I read every “What’s Up” in the hope that even a throwaway line is cast at the end of it “We are still looking at matchmaking fixes for regions experiencing difficulties”…

This game isn’t even 3 months old. I shouldn’t be having any issues in finding multiplayer matches with people from my own country. There’s definitely more than 10 of us here wanting to play, so I just don’t get it.

As I’ve said before, if I wasn’t 30+ minutes for a Quick Play match then I wouldn’t care. The fact it can’t even find them just makes me sad.

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