I swapped from PC to Controller, here are the results

I’m one of the few PC content creators (I think) and I get so many comments telling me the only reason I get kills is Keyboard and mouse is op and my FOV is OP. I’ve always laughed, but more and more it cropped up and I began to wonder maybe it’s true. I haven’t used a controller since the early days of Gears of War 3 and I set myself a challenge to see if I could use one.

So: New account, controller only and lock the FOV to 80. Play ranked, see what happenes. I ended up settling on a changed shooter control scheme and reaching masters, these were some of the highlights along the way.

Hope you enjoy and if you have any questions about the difference between PC/Console I’ve recently made a few videos on it. It’s Really hard to call whats better, If the netcode/roadie run delay was better controller, as I’d be able to outplay often and Id lose some flick accuracy to do that, keyboard probably best for me as Im more practiced and this game is all about just hitting 1-2 shots but its super close really balanced


PC vs Console wars aside, it’s a wonderfully entertaining vid lol. Very well done.


OP still probably hides from Mike, Toby, and Aurora tbh.


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I speak to toby and aurora occasionally, I have no idea who mike is?

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Very well edited video, was very interesting to watch. Although some of these shots I’m very surprised it killed them with one-shot, it certainly never works for me. :stuck_out_tongue:

Two questions, do you feel like it plays much differently when reducing the FoV in PvP to actual console FoV? Also any particular reason you turned off gore?

I’m going to start a big thread on aiming
I believe it’s time to clear a few misconception and possibly move the community or whoever wants to, forward

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Good stuff zii love your videos.

Oooooooo , LA LA!!


That is actually a very entertaining video, and I’m not a fan of gaming montages. Good job.

And another proof that people claiming Cross-Play is hurting Gears of War don’t know what they’re talking about. This is exactly what we’re saying since 2016: hardware doesn’t compensate a lack of skills.

PS: wait, did you play with a DualShock too?

A experienced keyboard and mouse player will always have a advantage imo.
I Play on PC with a controller but using the mouse to aim was so damn easy popping headshots a virtually making recoil non-existent, but my keyboard experience is awful and don’t have the patience to get use to it.

Good video. The narration + the accent put it over the top. :+1:

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People are going to cry how you use a modded controller now and want you to stand still and not move lololol.

Jokes aside people are always going to be salty and mad about anything when you win or outplay them. Although I presume you already know this, nice video!

Hey there Sam, nice montage :ok_hand:

I got back into this game (they finally brought back Anya…after a year…yay).
Got it on Steam on sale, and I just coudn’t use KBM over a gamepad, it just something natural. And I keep the default FOV, high FOV in Gears actually looks ugly, and it’s not as important as in FPS games.


<3 much love and thanks for the wonderful comments everyone

kb +m is fine but the larger FOV on pc is a huge advantage imo. If console had it obviously I wouldnt care but I definitely think it gives pc players an edge