I suspended my self from Gears 5

TC is cracking down on quitters which is great…except not in my case! If you play on PC and have an Nvidia Graphics Card then you’ll know the game freezes often. Today i was in a Ranked Match and my game Froze, this usually happens when i die and i am being transferred to spectate a teammate before i re spawn however instead i am greeted with a black screen where nothing happens and the audio from the game is on a loop indicating the game is frozen, Long story short i opened task manager and quit the game and re opened it again and tried to re join the match but was told i was suspended from matchmaking for 2 days and 12 hours.

The reason the suspension time is so long is because earlier this week i was suspended for 1 day and 12 hours because my internet cut out, i was upset but i was eager to play gears again so i waited and on my sixth match in, my game froze and i had to close the game and was suspended for an even longer time.

I reached out to TC on twitter about this but i doubt they will respond, I basically can’t play gears anymore because my pc is always going to freeze gears unless i get a new graphics card and the suspension times will always get longer.

I have over 100 hours played and have spent around $50 on the game on cosmetics such as chrome steel, thanks alot TC.


Sorry to hear it. Incredible to me that they released ANOTHER game that’s broken for many pc users. I foolishly said they wouldn’t make the same mistake twice.


Its Been happening since Gears 4 but i guess they just assumed it wouldn’t be an issue.

I didn’t see this with other games. I believe it’s a TC issue. I’m mostly replying to say I didn’t flag you. Lol. Not sure why some people got so offended at that.

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Wait why did he get flagged? Who flagged him for saying it wasn’t TC’s fault?

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It’s the mystery of the Gears forums. They used to have a really good format, then when to this thing, which I hate.

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careful, they might flag you as well loool


I’ve had issues with Nvidia though.

I’m not saying it’s not TCs fault but it’s definitely not exclusively their fault.

For example,

Gears 4/5 runs perfect for me since I’m on a RTX card.


When I upgraded my drivers past the official Gears 5 driver for Modern Warfare and went back to Gears 5,

The stuttering was insane!

I was getting very, very bad micro-stutters constantly and had to revert back.

Now the only thing I changed was the driver.

That’s from Nvidia.

Now, with Gears 4, there was a “stable” driver 382.53.

Going past this caused crashes.


It’s not solely a TC issue but Nvidia one too.

Don’t know why I got flagged either.

Just wanted to point this out.

What is the Driver that works best with Gears 5? If my game freezes again during a ranked match i’ll probably get suspended for like 3 days and 12 hours or something stupid like that.

i have two buddies that play on pc and gears 4 was unplayable. i mean it worked for sometimes 4 games straight and then they would crash. if we’re lucky they will be able to rejoin, but sometimes its towards the end of the match and they’ll have a long quit penalty ruining the night

gears 5 is better now for them it doesnt crash as often but we were shocked to see that it still crashes once in a while…

this is a game issue. these guys play other games all the time and it never ever crashes. only this game.

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Happened to me with 4 but I’ve been mostly ok with 5. (1070ti). Every time they update the game I get weird graphical glitches though.

(Purple smoke hues, broken/enlarged crosshairs on Embar, indiscernible active gauges etc) . Sometimes my menu screen looks like color blast.

Turning off kill cam apparently helps with a decent chunk of visual glitches but some still remain in my case.

I’d say the official one or the one just before it.

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Can’t speak your mind too much around here. Unless you’ve been playing SiNcE O6 bR0

I have exactly the same issue! Just got suspended for 1 day, 6 hours

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Sucks man i know

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If you play on PC and have an Nvidia Graphics Card then you’ll know the game freezes often.

Speak for yourself. No issues on my end. Close to 200 hours.

I have a Nvidia card and didn’t have any issues. Already spent some time to unlock seriously 5.0