I suck so badly at Versus

After years of being mainly a Horde player, I’ve decided recently to start having a crack at Versus.

Oh man, I am SO bad at this game.

Also, do people cheat at Vs? It seems that some of their reload speeds and damage inflicted (even taking into account active reloads) doesn’t seem possible…

I will stick with it though, despite the fact that a heart attack seems likely as it is seriously stressing me out



I would recommend watching some YouTube Gears 4 tips videos or playing with someone experienced in the ways of versus to teach you the ways. The two tunings can be confusing for anyone new to Gears 4 PvP

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Don’t worry I’m in the same boat,I’ve always played horde,like yourself,but just practice,and hoping we get matchmaking,crossing fingers

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I was in your shoes early last year except I hadn’t played any games at all. I couldn’t even point the sticks straight. Shooting the ground on accident was commonplace.

Now I’m onyx 3 playing solo. Needless to say I’ve studied the art and put a lot of time and practice into the game. If you do that then with time you’ll improve. The rate of improvement will generally be the quickest at first and then you’ll run into plateaus later on with some more gradual improvements here and there. Just don’t give up!

I agree watching some tutorials on YouTube can help. Gameplay videos can help too as you pick up on things other players do. Your brain can only absorb and learn so much at a time so don’t get discouraged. You just need to be patient and the skills/techniques/“battlefield iq” will come with time.


Gears has a very steep and notorious learning curve and can be brutal to “new” players.
Stick with it, very rewarding when it works. Try diff sensitivities as well, see what works best for you…and good luck :+1::crossed_fingers:

P.s. Even after several years I’m very (very) average, but love it!


Thanks for the tip - good idea.

Much appreciated


I agree with all of the above. These guys have helped me by point out the same as the approve.

stay with core tuning until you feel more advanced. controller settings are big.

KOTH in the ring tight shooting hip and blind fire. further away hard target.

also load a private room use a second controller no fill on bots. find a map you like and work on up and back A.

Its okay to use the chain saw its a weapon.

you mentioned cheating. Doubtful, but i swear at the game if i see it…lol a lot of issues around ping. you could spend a life time readying. basically if you have low ping and they have high ping they may not feel your shot before you feel theirs.

I am now a silver 3. yes does not sound like much, but at least i am just now holding my own after a full year of versus. so yes learning is step. If your older like me reflexes plays a big role.

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Versus can be much more challenging, you’ll need fast reactions and precision. There’s extra health, ammo or perks to help you now. It’s also highly advised you practice wallbouncing and general effective manoeuvrability, it’s imperative to improve your skill against higher ranked opponents.

The above posts are helpful.

Kudos to you for sticking it out, it’ll be worth it.

This is good advice. I favor the slower sensitivities myself but find what works best for you. It took me months before I finally settled. But just as importantly (if not more importantly) find one and stick with it. Your brain wants to build muscle memory but it’s difficult when you’re constantly changing sensitivities. So much of the mechanics in this game is dependent on muscle memory, for me at least. You won’t notice it at first but once you’ve been playing a while at the same sensitivity you’ll notice.

Thank you so much everyone.

I really am very grateful for all the help and advice.

So much to take on board!

Yeah same here. I had never played any Gears (Horde or otherwise) until last year, and now i’m Onyx 3

Your welcome for that by the way

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I get one sniper headshot on one guy…

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It’s a matter of thinking and acting faster. I get off on the challenge of getting in that zone where your mind is reacting without you actually thinking about it. It’s the same reason I love boxing.

There’s a LOT of repetition and muscle memory involved. Things that don’t seem possible are just a matter of practice. You get to the point where you find yourself just doing it. Sort of how you might drive somewhere and not even think about driving at any point in the trip.
You just gotta ask yourself if you want to dedicate that much time to it.


Some cheaters. But they’re rare. And they wouldn’t be cheating in the fashion that you described. It would just be Aim Bots.

As far as dealing with Versus players. It all depends on how experienced you are in general. Is Gears 4 your first Gears game? Or have you been playing horde for multiple titles?

Honestly I never found videos to be that helpful. It’s all repetitions and just getting experience under your belt.

Just play play play all day long. Eventually you will find out what works and what doesn’t.

That point will honestly take a while for you to achieve. And that’s when you can start asking for advice and pointers.

Right now you should just be playing your butt off.

And once Gears 5 drops you should balance Versus and Horde. It’s going to be a new game with different mechanics so everyone will be at their worst. If you wait a few years to finally play Versus then everyone will have the game down to a science. Just be apart of the development process when the game releases

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Some basics - and I’m primarily a Horde player too.

  1. Develop situational awareness. Spot targets, communicate if you can, and listen for the enemy (footsteps, the things they say when they get a reload etc).

  2. Work on, and learn to trust hipfiring with the Gnasher. It’s tempting to hard-aim at times, but it takes that split second longer and when you’re in a wild fire fight that can be crucial. There’s a time and place for hard-aiming and if you can improve your decision making with this, you’ll win more fights.

  3. Be aware of right-side advantage and use that to your advantage.

  4. Not only be aware of your surroundings, but try to put yourself into the enemy’s shoes. What do you think they can and can’t see? You can be sneaky and use flanking moves on unsuspecting enemies if you can master this.

  5. Master the Gnasher’s killzone. If you’re calm enough, resist firing first - if you’'re outside of the Gnasher killzone you can let the enemy fire at you while moving toward you, you tank the first shot cos you’re outside of the kill zone, and then while they’re inbetween shots you can step into the killzone and one shot them. This is especially important if it’s Competitive settings as the Gnasher range is smaller.

  6. Be adaptable and use different weapons. Cross-fire with rifles (known as “crossing”) can be extremely useful to team mates . Know when to switch from Gnasher to Lancer and vice-versa. Good support players are worth their weight in gold.


Be a good teammate first and foremost.

See a teammate fighting? Help him out with lancer. Every team needs someone who is willing to lancer.

Spot everyone you can.

Learn how to roadie strafe, and wallbounce.

Trick people. By this, I mean use your head and outsmart other players.

Use sound to know where your enemies are. Characters make all sorts of noises that can help you pinpoint their location.

Learn how to “Up A”, “Back A”, and “Reaction shot” in that order. These are more advanced (though not hard) moves that veterans and people good with the gnasher know how to use and when to use them.

If you can master all of these, you’ll be better than most players at this game.

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I would say at a beginner level this is the first thing you should learn.

Once you get the Gnasher down this should be the next step.


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Haha! I’m still getting used to the killzone thing and I’d like to think I’m an average-above average player! :joy: Managed to consistently get to Gold 3 wihout mastering this, and even hit Onyx.

I’m good at supporting and crossing though. I’m more of a thinking player than a pure skill one.


Crossing in my opinion is more effective if you’re on a team

I’d rather have a support player on my team then anything else

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