I still think locust characters should be allowed in the horde mode

Horde is no longer a fight of COG vs Locust, it’s now vs Swarm. I think allowing the characters from the locust to horde 3.0 and 4.0 should be allowed already. Horde is non canon, and locust characters won’t clash with the horde in any way, as such I believe that there is no real reason to block them. As well as Horde not being canon, locust characters defending against the swarm makes sense as well. It would bring awesome change to the horde and TC is missing out on it


What is Horde characters?
If you’re talking about the Locust and Lambents, they were considered the ‘bad guys’.
Same for Savage Locust and DB’s from the 4’s Campaign.

I would love to see locust and swarm in Horde. Bring all the enemies that horde had in previous installments and add them to the fray. It would make it that much better.


None of the locust are alive, and if they were, they would fight the swarm. Hence why in horde mode they have more than enough space. Savage locust never existed in GoW 4. It’s all swarm only.

Yes, it wouldn’t make sense to see the Swarm using the Fabricator, building things and fighting other Swarms and DB’s.

I thought the remaining locust evolved in scions?

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The locust are not the swarm, that us exactly what I am Saiyan. We don’t even know if the swarm would try to hunt down the remaining locust if there are any survivors. Treating locust as swarm is certainly wrong since the swarm are closer to the lambents than actual locust.

“All this time. The Locust weren’t dead. They were cocooned. Transforming.”
-Kait after their first encounter with the Scions.

“The Locust never died, James.”
“Yeah. We figured that out.”
-Marcus and JD after the former was rescued from the pod.

“Marcus, when you were, uh, podded, did you learn anything else?”
“The original Locust, the big ones – they’re called Scions. They’re in change and they’re using us to grow an army.”
-Del and Marcus on the Scions.

It’s no mystery that the Swarm are the new Locust, in fact we were specifically told so.

JD and Co. knew what the Locust were. They had figured out their connection with the Swarm by the time they rescued Marcus while he had learned everything he knew while in the pod. The relationship was obvious; they understood well that the Locust and the Swarm are effectively the same thing.


Well that would be the case if humans weren’t being taken in and transformed as well. (even though locust were just lab rat humans) I think it’s key to say here, no one knows if it was the lambent locust or not. Because as far as we know. It’s only said Locust.

I don’t understand.

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Here’s what I think they should make horde in gears 5 an option between both teams. Like if you’re on the locust team the locust have locust type fortifications and the cog attack them. Then like wise with the cog just with cog fortifications imo great idea but it probably won’t happen.


Probably would’ve helped if I actually read the OG topic correctly but my idea still stands it’s a great one lol

Maybe the COG and Locust should join forces and fight a different species of Locust in Gears 5.

Why might this happen when they aren’t friendly against eachother?
And Scions are Locust, who are also part of the Swarm.

You not making any sense, the locust evolved into the swarm hence giving us scions, I’m confused. It’s like killing your great great great great great great grandfather but you can’t because you weren’t alive and that would cause a paradox in the gears universe. I guess we can expect to see more details in gears 5 though. The locust recognized the Sires as relatives and I wonder if the swarm are doing the same recognizing the locust as relatives,as the scions and swarm fight together.

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It would be a good use for the wretch character models that just take up space up in the game. I still don’t know what to do with the corpser character model though, I feel like the prologue basically wasted good remastered models for a long time until they dropped the locust emergence pack.

Beast mode of Gow3 adapted to Gow4. Start in Juvie and finish in Raptor, for example.

I don’t think Beast Mode will get added to Gears 4 at this stage of the game’s life cycle.
It may or may not come for Gears 5 though.

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Beast mode was boring af. I would prefer Horde but with locust. I only ever ran beast mode for achievement then stopped. It ain’t as fun as Horde. At all.

It’s not a case of worrying about canon, it’s a development time issue first and foremost.

When we made Gears 4, we switched to Unreal Engine 4. Part of that switch involved recreating so many different elements of the game from scratch - including AI.

In order to bring the Locust into Horde, just from an AI perspective, we would need to invest extensive hours into recreating the behavior of a huge wealth of enemies. That’s excluding all the other elements we’d need to add to the AI and without the huge amount of work it would take from other teams to bring them to life.

All of that would take away from development time that’s currently being poured into making Gears 5 the best game it can be, which obviously makes it something that’s not possible for us to do right now.

We definitely hear the request - it’s a common one - and we’ve passed the feedback to the team. Hopefully that provides some context as to why you haven’t seen it happen though.