I still don't have my campaign completion achievements

I beat the campaign with all sidequests completed on insane the day this game came out and still I dont have my campaign completed achievement or more importantly my insane achievement. I had to deal with the “checkpoint” bug, which happened frequently during the second act. I had to replay much of the game and honesty would’ve completed it faster if not for the constant issues, but I put in my work and I just want my achievements. 13 years I haven’t seen such a bummer of a launch but I really hope you guys buckle down and try to make this game post launch better and rethink your strategy for Gears of War 6, after watching the YouTube video “Gears 5 has no weight”, it’s pretty obvious the amount of corners you’re cutting, and while some may not notice, eventually it could catch up to you being so careless and sacrificing certain things for misplaced goals.

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Same here. I had similar issues in Gears 4. Some achievements just refused to unlock

I have this issue with all UWP games that have achievements, I was playing Gears 5 and had 35 achievements unlock for GoW: UE, which I had completed a week prior to launch. This also isn’t the first time.

I think Gears 5 currently has some sort of bug with this, I’ve completed the game twice now, once solo, once with one other friend but the game states I haven’t completed specific acts.

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