I still don't get why it's called Gears

Why change the birth certificate based on a nickname? Some people called it GOW too. Why is it not GOW? I guess i just dont understand the decision.


It’s just a thing of convenience. Most people just call the individual games “Gears” followed by their respective number, or letter(1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and the one we don’t speak of). The franchise as a whole is still Gears of War.

They said it made more sense because of the other new games like Tactics and Pop!

I used to hate the name change, but honestly looking back, “gears of war” is really cringey to say aloud. I’m fine the abbreviation now.

Ever since GOW 1 the series has been called gear 1,2,3 etc before now by people, having the official name shortened for 5 is no big deal to most fans.

Gears/Swarm of War.

I’m waiting for a story version of “Swarms”, a unique episode where we play the “Swarms”. A campaign where as “Swarm” (Raam, Theron, Drone and some passages with mounts like “Bloomounts” or “Reavers”) in a title that hangs, the reign of Myrrah or Emergence day or The war of the Palaces. Because the history of the wars “swarms” allows to exploit several periods because of their mutations and their evolutions. As Raam Shadow, pieces of history can be exploited, such as the infection of the virus “lambent” …

In addition, we go from play modes of 5 players to 3. For me the mode “Escape” is nothing more than simple “Raids” that we saw in Defiance, Halo (sparta ops), Destiny, World War Z … While multiple possibilities are to be considered for cooperative modes beyond 5 players in the same campaign and multi session.

Here’s the thing…

“We” (community) called it Gears already, that was fine. Officially changing the name from Gears of War to Gears just seems needless.

Old man TC needs to stay away!


When I looked up GOW, I found God of War results.

When I type Gears, I find Metal Gear Solid results…

Gears 5 is just short and sounds better than saying Gears of War 5.

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Go argue with Rod about it. I ain’t got nothing to do with it. I don’t see the big deal if the game is called “Gears” but the franchise as a whole still remains “Gears of War”. Do you really say or write that full thing out all the time?


When was the last time anyone wrote “Gears of War” on a piece of paper?..

I never refer to this franchise as “gears” and never will

The top of this forum even says “gears of war.”.

Fun fact, Rod doesn’t like the word, “GoW”.

Why didnt they stick to “Gears 4” initially then and have the 2nd trilogy be refered to as “Gears”? That wouldve made more sense to me.
To me its like having Indiana Jones 1, 2, 3, 4, and then calling the 5th one “Indie 5”. Are you picking up what im putting down?


It’s an abbreviation. Yes we all know we call it ‘Gears’ but it just looks bizarre on an actual game box as the official title.

It’ll always be Gears of War 5 to me.

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I doubt anyone will not be calling it gears of war 5, the name is just shortened, it will always be seen as GOW by the true fans

Rod don’t want deez hands.

Nah, I was just saying, people have been calling it “Gears” for a long time already. Making it official almost seems a little extra lol. Everyone already referred to the franchise as “Gears of War” and in reference called it “Gears”.


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Perhaps to avoid confusion with the other GOW on PlayStation known as GOD OF WAR.

I don’t get how it’s cringey, maybe it’s just you.

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Also maybe it’s just you

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Now you wanna play the reversal card? smh :man_facepalming:
Honestly how many people you know within the entire gears of war community that thinks the title “Gears of war” is all of the sudden “cringey”?