I see T-bagging has finally made it into What's Up Video June 28th

(R SW1PE) #41

I thought exactly the same. I don’t usually bother to watch the videos but I saw one of the video titles mentioned Ess Noob Yum who i’ve played against quite a few times on this game so I was intrigued to see what it was about. I saw the first t-bag in the first few seconds and stopped it.

(iBlazeOddish) #42

Why is the forum censored in the first place? This game is not intended for kids, and there are quotes in-game that say far worse things than anything they bleep out here in the forums. And that’s how it’s done mother f*cker!!! Lol

(Noila27) #43

I got tea bagged in most games when I was playing them in the past maybe because they don’t like a chick killing them once and while but I am never usually playing versus but I have had it happen twice in this game when I did. Destiny 1 they did it, Doom etc. I’m so used to it i dont usually see it as anything important I just say it’s childish. One of the times was in horde though which annoyed me most after i picked up a gun they wanted by accident, I died after I picked it up and he tea bagged me and didnt pick me up lol Some sniper who wanted embar but I didnt see him and I was scout. we did finish the game but he was shooting me alot randomly the rest of the game you kind of have to ignore these people they have issues.

(Doc Holliday SS) #44

T-Bagn is tradition. This post is here by deemed irrelevant. GG.

(xGeoThumbs) #45

I’m 50 50 on it. I myself do it rarely, only when the guy is constantly doing it to me, or if he is having a breakdown in game chat (then it is really funny).

When someone does it all match long and it really out there looking to annoy people then they are being obnoxious.

(Junglist Shoota) #46

Relevance is opinion.

(RC 5052) #47

You’re not wrong about that multiple people taking you on. I remember in Gears 2 I bodied two guys and the third guy just watched then killed me. Maybe sportsmanship has gone out the window, I just find less disrespectful players in Competitive in my experience

(Variable19) #48

I generally just T-bag my teammates when the opportunity arises.

(Duffman GB) #49

Got T-bagged yesterday in my first game of Hill, and I think it was maybe within a minute of the start. I messaged the offender (I know, but it winds me up*) saying there is always one and calling them an idiot, no profanity used. They messaged me back twice, first saying “so you want salt with that!” and secondly to say “Lancer much”

We won 2-1 and were lucky. I was awful I think 4/5 for the team, so take little credit for the win, but still. I ended my simply messaging…gg I got nothing back.

  • I loathe the practice and will not do it, even if it is getting done to me, I will however chainsaw you at any given opportunity, so maybe that is seen as being as bad ?

(SmokeTastyBuds) #50

Good response, I’ll often keep a spent dropshot through as much of the match as I can survive purely to use its execution on tbaggers.

Dropshot exe has to be the most hilarious non bug I’ve seen in Gears.
Pro tip, in certain spots on lift apex you can actually launch their corpse clean over the side of the map :+1:
Edit: Also possible on harbour. I distinctly recall giving one guy a burial at sea for tbaging my squad.

(chaaze) #51

Generally to me, it’s not a big deal as a statement of player’s character or the current mood BUT I HATE wasted prolonged time waiting to respawn. That hurts and affects the match winning… Not the act per se.

(Ataashiii) #52

you are full of it mate, beanzy is one angry kid, his very first match he played on gow 4 , ‘i remember as it was one of my first too’ he was utterly crushed, he t’bagged me and then sent abuse and saying im reported after the match calling us all lancer crossing ■■■■ yet i played gnasher only as i usually do on core, and his buddy dexter just saying ‘reported’

(GrubKiller101) #54

Have you read this… quite funny he was so affected by this