I see T-bagging has finally made it into What's Up Video June 28th

(GrubKiller101) #21

Right had to leave mid post. Back now…an no I didn’t rage quit the Thread and throw my laptop at the wall.

Good grief. Seems it Gamer Central with these unshakable Gamer beliefs!

If you can read. then see my previous replies about being so badly affected. If you have read it and continued to post then … go figure! (Gamer beliefs).

I don’t know why you go on about yourself and that I should contact you about for a chat to find out about you. (And I’m the one so affected huh?)

Just very simply read my Thread …(I have been sidelined by more Gamer beliefs) because it’s not about you at all and I never defined you as anything.

It’s a question to TC about their Rules and aren’t they breaking their own Rules.

(sancris777) #22

Its okay if people t bag and behave badly but by golly,if you quit because of it…

(GrubKiller101) #23

And Mizz gets 1st Prize! :+1:

(SmokeTastyBuds) #24

Personally I think there’s a balance, if I get killed by someone in one quick clean, slide, slide shotty blast type kill where I’m like, ah fair enough dude that was a sweet move.
Ill take a quick tbagging on the chin, so to speak.
If it was one of those horrificly bad kills where he’s basically fired off all 8 shells and clipped you once then melee downed you. And then I get tbagged.
Screw his team, screw my team, screw the objective. I will not rest until I have sawn the guy in half…
Or if there’s a dropshot on the map I’ll use its execution since it f***ing hilarious and never fails to put me in a good mood… Even when it’s used on me actually :joy:

(iBlazeOddish) #25

I’m the type of player that will fire all 8 shotgun shots and then celebrate.

(Keala89) #26

“Do as I say, not as I do.”

(Ree4er Madness) #27

tea bagging in general of course is meant to be disrespectful. im not a jerk in real life so i don’t play the game like that. But ill do it back real quick if they do it to me first. And if they use enforcer. Petty i know

(HUG3 N3WB) #28

Every dev stream I watch… when TC Octus goes down he gets humped/tea bagged/spinned (where opponents spin around) at least 10 times per game.

I play with my fiancee and we only do it (the humping or spinning, we don’t tea-bag) if someone does it to us first.

We find they do it intentionally to piss you off. It doesn’t matter if you killed them 10 times and that was the first time they got you, they’ll still do it to not only try to piss you off, but to also state their supposed superiority :stuck_out_tongue:

What is even more interesting is that the people who dish out the tea-bagging/humping or whatever first, absolutely HATE it being done to them. You can generally totally throw their game off if you do it back to them and get easy kills on them from then on. They stop playing strategically because they want to instantly get you back for doing it to them.

A game @Ektope , my Fiancee and I played in today had an Italian team. They started it with the slow beat-down at the end of the first round (last guy standing) and then spinning/humping along with it. They didn’t like it when we returned the favor in the next round in the exact same way (on their last guy standing) :smiley:

(RC 5052) #29

T-Bagging just makes me more determined to win a match. More often than not, me getting tea-bagged pushes me to win the match.

However, I’ve noticed in the past seasons that I’ve rarely seen any unsportsman-like conduct in Competitive so it could just be Ranked/Social

(SmokeTastyBuds) #30

Really? All I’ve ever really seen in Gears is a steady decline in sportsmanship.
I remember in Gears 3 if you were the lmo half the time youd just 1v1 it with the enemy team, they’d pretty much que up patiently and wait their turn.
Haven’t seen that once in 4, can’t even try using the lancer in competitive, since the second you down somebody your team will rush to take the kill…

(Gears Kaios) #31

Man stop whining, it’s in the game and it isn’t going anywhere. I do it for fun and also to motivate my opponent to keep coming after me and to try harder each and every time I kill them(Not all the time)

Here’s a simple fix. Stop playing horde, learn to wallbounce, wallrun, Blindfire, and gain your own movement and you too could av,oid the “No-No’s” and various other forms of t bagging lol

(GB6 Kazuya) #32

T-bagging is a horrendous act that has plagued Gears, and other games, for years. I don’t condone it on my own time, and 9 times out of 10 if it is done by an enemy it is purely out of rage at their lack of ability to kill me.

Therefore I take it as a compliment.

…but then again there is always the French who would t-bag a Juvie in Horde.

(Circa Darkrage) #33

Here is the problem. The problem is the lack of respect for other people in the community, which people clearly have.

But, is that a simple solution? You are presuming that the people complaining play Horde, don’t know how to wallbounce and such.

You know the best thing? This comes from the better players. So if anything, if you are seeing this you are obviously playing decent players. I can’t remember the last Bronze player to have T-bagged me.

The point of the thread is to outline the problem with the Community Glory. This is encouraging those players to do this. Encouraging a community with a lack of respect is not good.

(Gears Kaios) #34

Bro lol…this is a game where 7-15 year olds play it. Do you really expect them to be mature and respectful? It’s a videogame man and if you feel disrespected about it then it sounds like a personal problem.

Let people have fun geez. It’s literally a taunt that appears on your screen for a few seconds and you guys are making such a fuss over it yet label yourselves as “adult” I don’t see how honestly.

This is a game where even your Teammates don’t respect you man they’ll take your kills in a heartbeat and leave you to die, This is a game where people won’t even allow you to have a honorable 1v1, This is a game where the even the damn characters don’t respect you talking all kinds of sh*t getting kills off you depending of you’re on the swarm twam or not, take Griffin as an example.

All in all I understand where you guts are coming from but do you guys understand where I’m coming from? I must seriously ask, was this threat truly necessary? I’m asking because it literally WILL NOT be fixed…it can’t, it’s impossible. It’s part of moving your character so why? No point is what I’m trying to say. Just suck it up, be men.

(HUG3 N3WB) #35

I think he was taking issue with the “if you don’t want to be teabagged, stop playing Horde and get good” part.

Anyone regardless of skill can be teabagged. Unless you’re telling me that you never ever go DBNO?

I agree with you that it won’t be stopped, and as I said, I’ll do it to others if they do it to me. But we should all stop making baseless assumptions of other players skills based on people’s comments, as it’s ridiculous

(Circa Darkrage) #36

I am well aware that it won’t be fixed. The problem I had was that TC approve of people disrespecting people. Yeah, T-bagging is probably the worse it will get for many, but for many, it also causes a reaction, which doesn’t help the reputation of the community.

That’s where I have a problem. I won’t react to it, most of the time I laugh, but there are people who will have their egos hurt, as we both probably know. That’s where lines are crossed.

And you know the 7-15 community. If they see it on the YT, it will be copied. Then we get noobs T bagging for stealing kills.

Which thinking about it, is more laughter for me, so go ahead TC.

(KevPlaysGames) #37

wait you can tea bag in gears? i must know how!!! TO GOOGLE!

(Junglist Shoota) #38

You will see. All online interaction will be picked over creating a “file” on you, so to speak. You know that some players are of the ages “7-15” and still commit virtual sexual assault and think nothing of it? You can laugh or shrug it off, but that’s on you. I’m not an SJW by any means. I simply state this as a warning/advisory for things to come. Look to history. Beware. Be aware.

(Blahvarado) #39

Looks like 90% of these people missed the point OP is trying to make. Hes not “upset” hes stating that to put a COTW with said Tbag isnt constructive towards the community. The claim is it goes against what TC is trying to set with rules.

(ITheRealMachine) #40

Exactly ,its kinda like why do they blur out ■■■■,and ■■■■■■■ on here but then let a vid showing that ■■■■ on here …Hmm,kinda contradictory me thinks,maybe even a bit hypocritical …
So yeah,I do agree with the OP here