I see T-bagging has finally made it into What's Up Video June 28th

(GrubKiller101) #1

So I’ve been 50:50 about TC putting a Clip Of The Week out with T-Bagging in. But now they have, and it’s “Community Glory”?

People’s views about T-Bagging vary, but on the whole it is seen a certain way. What it is not, is fitting with the Forum Rules and the Five Guiding Principles, cut down as follows:-

Be Constructive…Consider how your post adds

We Have Zero Tolerance For Aggression…Be respectful

Your Participation Counts. Set a good example to your fellow Gears fans…Report posts that bring the community or conversation down.

It seems to me you are breaking some Rules about respect, setting good examples, bringing the community down, and not adding anything constructive because T-Bagging isn’t any of these and is majorly seen as the opposite, ie disrespectful, a bad example, etc.

(TheDeuterostome) #2

I agree with you completely. I can’t stand t-bagging and see it as poor sportsmanship. It’s poor attitude and disrespectful. My wife who loves to play horde with me decided to try multiplayer for the first time the other day. Being new to it she didn’t do very well to say the least. With in minutes she was being t-bagged by people who are obviously better and more experienced. After that she said she was done and had no interest in playing multiplayer and dealing with this immature and disgusting attitude. So she is now completely turned off from playing it now and it’s due to this toxic attitude.

Toxicity in Gears 4
(Cymruu) #3

actually weird you made a forum post about this, did it really upset you that much

(iBlazeOddish) #4

As much as I hate wall bouncing, whenever I do play versus I absolutely celebrate when I get a kill. I don’t care if the guy killed me 10 times before I finally got him once, I will smoke tag him while he’s down, dance on the wall, and hump him before I finish him off. That’s the level of not giving a f*ck I’m at when it comes to versus.

(GrubKiller101) #5

Did it really upset me that much? No. Why do you think I’m upset?

So, upset me - no.

Question - yes.

(V7K1NG) #6

i only saw it at the start , after that no where else, was it wrong sure, should it of been in the Video maybe not ,but its not a big deal , its not like it was the whole 3 minutes and there was no swearing or racial slurs (BTW i dont T-BAG and its not allowed in GFC tourneys or events )

(Cymruu) #7

you made a forum post about it so it must have affected in you in some way shape or form, how do you not know he was being teabagged prior to this? i play with beanzy every day and he doesn’t teabag unless he was teabagged first

(GrubKiller101) #8

Go visit the Old Forums. I made plenty Threads. Made plenty Posts. I also speak to people. Make telephone calls. Write elsewhere. Not everything I do, say, type is done because I’m triggered, upset, raging, crying…I’m a adult.

If you think otherwise…

(Cymruu) #9

well i just find it weird that as an adult you decided something so minute to pick on which has absolute no affect on your life whatsoever, at the end of the day it’s a game, if you teabag you teabag, who cares if it bothers you that much leave the game or look away

(GrubKiller101) #10

Yeah, just stay in denial then.

(Cymruu) #11

denial about what exactly? i don’t get it

(iBlazeOddish) #12

Or try to find the comedy in a gang of mutated insects committing sexual assault on a human. And vice versa, interspecies erotica is very funny. Very very funny.

(GrubKiller101) #13

I’ve told you I’m not upset. You can’t believe it because you still continue to say I’m upset. You are in denial. I’m not sure about why you can’t believe I’m not upset.

I recently asked about Sniper Longshot weapon drops. Do you think I was upset about that too to be asking about it?

(Ess Beanzy) #14

Sorry that this has affected you so much.
What you have to understand is you don’t know me as a person or reactions to certain things considering there may of been a bag in a supers video is more then likely me laughing after I’ve hit the super it’s not intended to come out agressive. I get tea bagged everyday on gears of war you just get used to it after 15 years of playing the franchise.

So please relax. And chill. This thread was rather quite a personal approach to myself I would prefer if you just talked to me you would of gained a better understanding instead of stereotyping me as this agressive disrespectful gamer who lives and breeds gears of war who bases his channel on community come together and aiding the development of others and encouragement of playing gears of war.

Thank you Beanzy

(Cymruu) #15

it’s quite obvious you can’t read correctly or are reading inbetween the lines, nowhere in my last sentence did i say you were upset, i said i find it weird you found something so minute to pick on

(iBlazeOddish) #16

I don’t think OP was trying to make it personal. His issue seemed to be with TC’s portrayal of the act, not the person actually committing it.

(GrubKiller101) #17

You said “it’s quite obvious you can’t read correctly or are reading inbetween the lines, nowhere in my last sentence did i say you were upset”, having said “if it bothers you that much leave the game or look away”.

Having to leave or look away sounds pretty upset to me.

(mizzelphug) #18

You had two posts 4 minutes apart stating exactly that.

I have no vested interest here and I can see you went on the offensive toward the submitter when all he did was question why the rules were ignored for the video in question.

(Kitten Britchez) #19

I see where OP is coming from and I agree.

However given the nature of the game (disrespectful character dialogue and versus in itself is disrespectful when you think about it) it’s a hard leg to stand on.

But all in all I agree. I’m not a t bagger and find it pretty sad and lame when it’s done but I don’t get too worked up over it either.

(TheDeuterostome) #20

I wish I could snipe like beanzy! I can’t snipe for ■■■■ compared to him!