I really hate xbox captures right now

Same. I killed somebody with the furnace on forge in a ranked koth match and the proceeded to get 4 longhsot headshots in the next 30 seconds, all of them zoom ins for like half a second and BOOM. Rcorded the minute of it just to be safe that it captured. It caught 8 seconds before I even picked the longshot up.

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5 for 5 with bow sucks the audio didn’t record, but at least I got the footage anyway.

Yup this is true. I’ll have stretches where it’s fine, but eventually happens again especially on nights when I have amazing moments, smh.

Just happened to me again last night…

Yea I have a good run of working, then screws up sometimes lol

Would help if I didn’t have it so full, I haven’t even finished moving all of 4 to my laptop yet, by the time I stop procrastinating that and do it, I’ll have enough to move from 5 to make just as long of a montage for 5 too lmfao (what I was planning on doing with all my 4 clips anyway, why I was moving them to laptop before deleting, but as eluded, never finished doing that lol)

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Make ur capture time longer bit same prob for me it’s like it’s not recording either.

The fire proof way, that’s been working for me every since, is to always set your capture time before each gaming session. So, if you’re gonna play for an hour set it before you start playing. And when you get back on to play later set it again, rinse and repeat.

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So weird but I’ll try this. Thx

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