I really hate xbox captures right now

Just played a game of Gridiron I carried hardcore, got 3 quads… recorded all 3 but only one of them even did, and it was only 15 seconds so still didn’t really. Just take my glory from me will ya :stuck_out_tongue:


This happens to me as well. I don’t know what causes it.

It’s lame lol if any of them actually did I at least wish one certain one did cause man was I lucky as sh*t to pull it off, I was SOOO Red too lol

It was on Reclaimed, I was at normal Boltok area cause I knew flag guy was coming from normal Buzz/tri location… him and 2 others rushed me from there, one of them went for the mantle, bad idea I counter those 99% of the time(no joke), I still thought I was screwed cause there was 3 up there like I said, his buddy missed his shot though, I killed the one that mantled, bounced and killed the one that shot at me, which got me again full red, strafed and killed flag guy for the trip, turned around just in time to headshot the last one trying to retro charge me up the stairs.

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To be sure in the future for great recordings, you should go into the record option and record the last two minutes. You can trim it later.


This happens all the time to me, and it ONLY happens when playing Gears 5. Out of nowhere ever clip I record for the night will be like 7 seconds long with no audio. The only way to make it stop is to do a hard reset of my Xbox.

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This doesn’t work, I’ve tried it. It still will record limited amount of the video. Every once in a while it’ll record it all, but this feature is horrible.

I know something that will work but it’s a hassle to always have to do and that’s…

  1. Power cycling your Xbox more regularly.
  2. Going into your options and setting the default recording time to different times more frequently.

I understand your problem, I had the same issues with Gears 4. Shorter, inconsistent clips with no audio.

Another tip which works 9 times out of 10 for me was to go into your Network Settings, go to Advanced Settings and clear your Alternate MAC address. It will restart your console but will then work.

Don’t ask me how it works, I just know it does for me.

Oh and for some reason, having a headset plugged in to my controller after the console was on seemed to cause this issue. Crazy and random but in order to prevent that I had the headset plugged in before the controller/console was powered on.

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Wait a sec, clearing your alternate MAC address solved this issue? Wow. That really doesn’t make any since, but, ok, lol.

I have this problem from time to time as well and its some random thing like @GB6_Kazuya that fixes it

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It’s always the craziest solutions that work the best… this sounds so nuts.

If this works however…

Expect something in your inbox… not kidding either.

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Believe me, it felt ridiculous as I typed it but it definitely works.

Nothing worse than getting a quad kill on decent players, for example, and recording it only to later find a 3-8 (ish) second silent video of barely anything relevant.

Or 3 Quads in the same single life game :rofl:

Edit: I got another Quad today, just with Incens lol this one actually recorded. I only recorded it cause it was funny how it turned out, but I was def the reason we won that round despite I died.

2v5, my 1st Incen hit 2 in our endzone one of which had both flag and boom… as I did that I got chainsawed from behind, but set off my 2nd incen to take him with me for the trip, pretty much the same time another guy got killed by my original incen trying to go for flag. 1v1 now but I still not only helped my teammate by wiping everyone else out, but he picked up the boom I originally killed and used that boom to kill the last one.

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I hate how even 30 sec. clips get corrupted to silent 6 second clips like come tf on MS

I’ve been having this same thing happen, but it’s screenshots in Doom Eternal. On my end, it seems to begin if I record or screenshot when my connection isn’t stable. Annoying as hell.

What works for me to fix the corrupted videos that you
sometimes get when you record on your Xbox dvr is to go into your dvr settings & change the recording quality to something different then what it’s set on. So if you want your videos to record on 1080p quality change it from 1080p to like 4k. Then back out of everything back to your home screen or back to the game your currently playing, which ever. Then go back into the dvr recording settings & change the recording quality setting back to the quality you want them to record in, & then just back out as normal & resume whatever your doing & I find (depending on how often you capture videos) it should stop the corrupted captures from coming back anywhere from several weeks to 6+ months. We’ve relied on using this fix a lot for the videos we put up on YouTube Madokon.
I should note though that I use a One X, but I hope this helps & works for you, thanks.

do you have automatic upload on?

Ya I believe so.

Try turning it off. I did and than reset (clear cache)x box. I haven’t had any problems since. Hopefully it works only difference is you have to manually upload

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You will still eventually have issues. I’ve done this, plus more steps, and still have issues with this. It’s all just a temporary fix. It’s just a broken system.