I really hate the new execution mechanism in Versus, lol.... arrrgggg

Disclaimer: I don’t execute players in Versus: takes too long, leaves you exposed, etc… I think you can count on the fingers of two hands the total number of ranked versus executions I’ve done, EVER.

I’m currently trying to grind the Lizzy totem (just to have SOMETHING to do), and one of the things is 10 Dropshot executions… So my problems with this (in coop against AI, since I avoid ranked mostly):

  1. yeah, executions with a weapon which you can’t use to down someone… ok… ,
  2. It’s almost impossible to down someone and have them live long enough for you to execute them… team mates, both human and bot, INSTANTLY kill any downs they see,
  3. that press-and-hold B thing??? AAARRGGG!!! :
    a. you have to be in the EXACT spot, relative to the downed person, otherwise you end up kicking them,
    b. if they MOVE while you are holding B, waiting for the circle to fill, they MOVE OUT OF RANGE! And the execution stops!!! WTF… Of course downed enemies will crawl away from you!! and, my favorite:
    c. it takes longer for B to fill than it takes someone to down you with a lancer!!! So if you press and hold B to execute someone, and someone else starts to shoot at you with a lancer, they will down you, breaking the execution, BEFORE you do the execution, and then you just die…

Ohmm…m…f…G… I only needed 10, it took me the whole bloody evening, about 6h to get it - even when I ended up on maps with a Dropshot, even when I managed to get it (I was asking for team mates to give me their empty Drop, they wouldn’t!), even when I managed to down a bot, and I managed to get to it without anyone else killing it, THEN most of the time one of the above subitems under (3) would show its ugly head and I wouldn’t get the execution…

I was screaming at the game, most of the evening, hahahaha…

It’s done now, and I’m back to not executing anyone, but frack me, this feels like yet ANOTHER change that’s just soooooo stupid…

ok, rant over…


Can’t you get the executions in escape more easily?

I don’t remember but I am fairly certain it was “in versus”, and even if not, DROPSHOT executions in Escape? Where would I find the Dropshot ?

In Versus, at least, I can tell instantly based on the Map even if it’s possible, so if not, i can immediately quit, and try again (social, right, not ranked)… .

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I’ve got 20 more executions as Swarm to unlock Raam and I think it’d be easier to poke my own eyes out…:roll_eyes:


If Escape counts, my strategy would be to load up any map that spawns Dropshot Scions (off the top of my head, I think The Hive and The Mines have a chance for them to appear), then use something like a pistol or hammerburst to down drones, then switch to the Dropshot for the execution. If you can get the Dropshot to a safe room, you should even be able to reload the area and repeat over and over again until you get enough executions.

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I myself tried in Escape. The Dropshot execution challenge (Party Trick) and the Dropshot/Buzzkill/Cryo kill challenge (Carmine Construction) wouldn’t progress for me.

It. Must’ve been a personal bug.I did it on escape on the gauntlet and I got it in 3 matches solo

maybe I should pay more attention to escape then, haha…

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Its an alright game mode.Not better then beast though,nothing beats beast

Right, I meant more as a way of getting some of those challenges done :wink:

Ohh, re players above, where it worked for one but not the other: maybe it’s a private escape vs public escape? Versus in private doesn’t count either…

Private Escape does count. I did it on the hive called The Descent, turning the execution rules modifier on. If you have it unlocked, that is. If not, I would advise not taking any bleed skills. You get a Dropshot in the second Act towards the end and some weapons that won’t instakill. And at least 9 enemies you can execute.

Cool… next time I see challenge which will appear to be a pain to do in coop I will ask about escape based alternatives :wink:

Yeah. I ran the Gauntlet and I got the executions now.

I initially tried it on the Hive - Past Hive, which may have had something to do with it not counting. Tried Ice Queen too but I don’t think the Dropshot Relic counts on the executions.

Thanks for bringing that up BTW. Forgot all about that having the Dropshot Scion at the start.

I miss executions being mapped to the Y button. I hate accidentally kicking when I didn’t mean to.

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It’s easy just chainsaw playingKOTH. All I did was smoke the ring and rev that bad boy up. Let them just run in there. Bounce around with lancer and just chainsaw.


Yeah,its a dumb strategy but it somehow always works,just make sure nobody spots you

Play on The Surge hive map. From the start you have a central hub area with three paths - take the right hand one which takes you to a room with lots of Drones. In that room is a supply room which contains 2 Dropshots. But people seem to suggest that Escape, or at least private lobbies don’t seem to count. :wink:

Private Escape lobbies definitely count for the totems and Tour. I did most of my progress towards Lizzie’s totem in them, and some medal progress as well.

Do dropshot headshot drill downs count as an execution?

Totems ect…can fk right off…my time is more valuable…than what tc are offering to grind for tat😁