I really don't be seeing information about Series 3 characters

Seriously. I don’t see any information on which characters are made available in Series 3. Does anybody have an idea on when the info drops?

Also, what was(were) the Series 3 character(s) for December?

They will announce in a what’s up, if you are not familiar with it, they get released every Thursday around 6pm GMT. Covering all information necessary about new and upcoming content, etc.

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When I go there, the latest one I see in a big*** banner is from December 13th. And I don’t think it mentioned anything about Series 3.

I just checked, and I guess I’ll wait until January 10th.

It’s normally the last week of every month right?

The last character added to season 3 was the Locust Sniper at the end of November but that wasn’t announced in the Whats Up announcements. Some players just noticed it out the blue.

I don’t think anything was added during December which I figure was due to TC being off for the festive period. I wouldn’t expect anything for January for a few more weeks.

Octus confirmed on Twitter that what’s up will return this Thursday on the 10th.

Please don’t tell me it’s Ugly Gearsmas Armor Kait. She’s listed as Series 3.

Nah she’s been craftable since lastJune I think. Around the time of E3 when it was revealed that Gears 4 would feature Kait as the lead, they also made all of her past skins craftable (including the Vintage Kait one by accident for a week!)

Don’t think we’ve had anything since November.

I must have scrapped her, thinking she was craftable, Because now, I don’t see Vintage Kait. It happened with my Zombie Carmines, too. Sooner or later, it’s gonna happen to a character I wanna actually get back.

Vintage Kait was exclusive unlocked by playing the beta. If you didn’t play you must have crafted it when TC made an oopsie.

I got her in beta. I still have the Lancer, Snub, and Emblem to prove it.