I really do try every now and then

I genuinely love the gears franchise and I have even had fun on Gears 5 but that said there are STILL things about this game that are just pathetic. Every few weeks or so I get back on Gears 5 and just try it again and I always get off a few matches later really pissed off. This games servers( I assume) are ■■■■■■■ pathetic. You win your gun fights half the time if the game wants you to win. Enemies shoot the air next to you and you die. You shoot Enemies point blank and MAYBE they go down. In some games when your lucky though its the other way around you feel like you literally can’t miss. I know its all been said before and I know that the people behind this game and at Microsoft just don’t seem to care but I just needed to vent because I truely want to love Gears of War again.