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I really dislike Matchmaking and Private chat lobbies

(o Magical Hobo) #1

I wish it can go back to the original gears 1 formula on 360… no private chat groups… pick the maps you want to play… trash talk between matches… why do devs make it so lame nowadays =\


Because the gaming world is PC and soft nowadays. They have to cater to the little kids now as well in order to make money because they are the future of gaming

(mike yaworski) #3

I wish in ranked matches, you were forced to gamechat. But for social and events, parties are allowed. Would help solo queuing teamwork

(o Magical Hobo) #4

I 2nd this

(Me0wMix CatFood) #5

I honestly wouldn’t play. Not everyone is a sweaty game geek that needs to trash talk. I like party chat because friends and I can chat about whatever we like. Some of it’s the game, a lot of it is personal stuff. I’ve no interest in arguing with emotionally triggered gamers. Party chat is the only reason I even started playing online multiplayer.