I quit - Enough

Not sure if there is an official thread for this, but thought it might be helpful to keep track of folks that have had enough. I hope y’all are still enjoying the game, but I am not! Uninstalling now. GLHF to those that stay. Others wish to voice their opinions before abandoning Gears?


What are your feelings and opinions?
You’ve written nothing that can be addressed.





We will hang your jersey in the rafters Ducky.

I didn’t see this dark day coming but you were one of the best.


I quit drinking for a while.


U OK hun? DM me!


To me: Lag, gnasher inconsistency, netcode, magnetism on ranked, hit box fails, killcam inconsistency, bots not loading in social.

Like if you agree with at least 4 of those


I thought @Bleeding_Pepper won already.

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It’s ok and valid that you dont care, but TC should because they are losing player base because they are unable to solve all the technical issues in gears 5.


Soon. Very soon.

I need them to fix this jumping after running over 75%of the time. Im more surprised when i dont jump now.
It was not an issue before this update and it should have been fixed by now
It should be PRIORITY number 1. It completely f c ks up the flow of movement
Pulling out nades when you switch weapons is a series issue right now. It happens 3 or 4 times within 10 seconds in one round.
The gnasher is not firing half the time.

It feels like they slowed down the movement. But i need to be 100% positive.
And people WANT this sht slower. Wtf world am I living in .

One day is different from the next. Im sick of the randomness.
Im sitting outside from a 45 min session from this bs and have zero interest in playing
ItS NOT FUN. KOTH IS NOT FUN. There arnt any other game modes aside from ffa and 2v2.
I shouldn’t be this pissed off right now from playing. Its infuriating.

I worked all week in this heat and cant even enjoy the ONLY GAME I PLAY.
When are they going to fix this bs
During the week when im working. Im NOT some kid that can play anytime i want.

Ps5 looks real good right now. Im starting to lean towards it more than the series x right now.


The don’t care about veterans. They care about new (kids).


turned this off, pointless to watch yourself get smoked… not like we can tap into developer mode and fine tune the code

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man, these dudes tryna force us to play gridiron is pathetic

guess you can join me in 2v5 tdm if you’re up to it lol

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For some reason the forum won’tlet me post gifs . Fitting. Here is a still image that I think of when these types say they’re quitting.

They all say they won’t but they will come back. Every Operation. I wish uninstalling a certain amount of times counted as a return of sorts and you’d lose ownership of the game, and you’d get a refund. Then the quitters wouldn’t be able to come back unless they bought the game again. Don’t deserve to whine about how the game sucks, leave, then come back when it’s all to their liking

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good, the veterans do nothing but b%tch and moan about the “olden days”

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When even the people who made it says it’s unreliable…then you know it sucks. ■■■■ this C.O.D. b.s.

C. o.D. is a dead meme of a “game” at this point anyway.

Yea, when you had to actually aim and be a skilled player to win. Today aim assist for kids destroyed the whole game.


As if the original gears games didn’t have aim assist?

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