I played the campaign offline recently, now all my campaign progress is lost

I beat the game yesterday on experienced, and got about 71% of the collectibles. When I got home from work today, my internet was down so I played some more campaign offline. I found a few more of the collectibles. When my internet comes back, all of my campaign progress towards collectibles and sidequests, and I’m assuming Jack upgrades was reset.

Come on guys, this shouldn’t be hard. Please fix this.


I played through all of act 1, in Co-op, and then replayed some solo. I just logged in now and all of my campaign progress is gone, all of my campaign stats are gone, all collectibles and components I’d found are gone.

My game controls just froze up, said in the bottom corner it was saving checkpoint but it kept going. Eventually I had to close the game and now I’ve logged back on all my ■■■■ is gone. Wtf?

The progress I had before is back, but now if I pick up new collectibles, that progress is never saved. I can reload the same chapter and pick up the same collectibles again and again infinitely. Also, my versus , horde, and escape stats were reset.

How did you fix your achievements? I beat entire Act 2 offline and none of my progress shows, but if I look under completed Acts under stats, I can see that I beat Act 2 solo. I still haven’t gotten my achievements though.

On my initial playthrough, all of my achievement unlocked when they were supposed to. It’s only when I went back the next day to try and find the 28ish% of collectibles that I missed that ■■■■ went south.

Got the same frigging problem here! Im on standard XBOX ONE. The ultimate edition. Found almost all collectibles on Act 1 and some in the beginning of act 2. For me the upg thingies for Jack didnt seem bugged but the collecties sure is.

I wonder does it work to switch of XBOX Live and collect off - line?

Because Im torned about what to do. Want to use my time boosting ASAP in MP, But want to finish Campaign first, then I again, I dont BOTHER until the collectible glitch mayhem is fixed. And also the infuriating Checkpoint Saving hangup and soft - freezing of the game. Totally ruins the immersion and its just meh the whole situation…

Needs to be patched ASAP.

Just beat the campaign coop tonight. Used a guide online for collectibles but no achievement popped, turns out it didnt register 20% of the collectibles we picked up.

Also my friend and I did not get the complete the campaign on any difficulty achievement. How can either of these issues be a thing. This is like making a game 101.

same exact thing happened to me. as soon as i went back online and started up the game all my progress was erased. campaign DOES NOT need to rely on the web this much wtf.

Same thing here. My progress glitched out during act 2 and I decided to play offline, so the stats would work again.

Finished the campaign with around 91% of the collectibles and with Jack fully upgraded. Connected my console again to unlock the achievements and got most of them, except the ones for Jack’s ultimate upgrades and finishing the game, so I (foolishly, may I add… lol) decided to fire up the game while online.

The result? Got all my progress reverted back to the way it was before playing offline. :man_facepalming:

I really hope The Coalition finds a way to fix this. Maybe some kind of flag compairson between the achievements already unlocked, and/or % progression if they end up not being able to recover our stats in 100%.

No progress is being saved in the game. I have played through quite a bit of the campaign and this is all lost now. Odd thing is, it remembers I have collected the collectables.