I played Gears 4 today... And this happened. You guys need to read this, brings back good memories

So there I was, playing as Shadow the Hedgehog, in all his Black Steel GLORY, and then suddenly, someone downed me, but instead of killing me, he let me back up. He typed in chat

"Damn dude, those are some nice bell bottoms. What skin is that? Dope as **** "

I of course, being the best looking Locust in the game, said “Why thank you. I wanted to wear something nice. Felt like wearing something from the 1970’s.”

No joke, this actually happened :confused:
For those of you who don’t know, he was talking about my Black Steel Armored Kantus.

What is really awesome though, is the people I got matched with. I literally felt so special in that game. It was a nice feeling, but what amazed me I think the most, is how a random, public KOTH match turned into a complete chill lobby and everybody, including myself, started having a nice conversation about what we liked about both Gears 4 and 5 and how they differ. Literally for like 30 to 45 min we all just talked and typed in chat.

I have NEVER had an experience like this in Gears… Not in a public match but it reminded me so much of the Halo Reach days. It truly did warm my heart and it was awesome to come across people like this. It just comes to show you that Gears 4 and 5 are both lively and both have Pro’s and Con’s.

I think what was most revealing to me was the fact that TC does have good taste, and they know damn well how to make a good Gears game. It is just sad that it will take so unrealistically long to get anything that we had in Gears of War 4, INTO Gears 5. God knows how long it will take to get the stuff that we love so much into 5 plus more, but also, I hope that when we do get the crap that we want, I pray it isn’t too late and that Gears 5 still has some life ahead of it, compared to Gears 4, where it just kind of died after we started getting good stuff and 5 was announced. I hope in the end though, that when this franchise reaches it’s final destination which I’m assuming will be Gears 6, that it goes out with a bang and is fulfilling for most people.

Wouldn’t you agree?

I guess the point of this post was meant for some… idk… realization…Not that anything has been hidden from us lol… but more like… A Revitalization. Gears 5 is pretty boring right now. I just cannot wait for this game to get where it should be and needs to be. I mean… The sound design being better and animations and customization, etc, etc… Can only go so far. And tons of people want this game to be fixed, although I’m not too sure on what people mean by that. But also, a really important part, is the content, both in amount, time, and type… I’m tired of waiting for stupid crap like “Beardless Marcus”.

Tell me your guys best experiences in Gears of War (All Time) and how you TRULY feel about 5 compared to 4 and what you think needs to happen.


@ExcaIibur Dude. Go put more turds in the punchbowl. You got nothing better to do than piss on someone’s good time and tell us just how Bro you are at the same time? Got it. You are so serious about murdering people in a video game. Got it-you cant be bothered with trivial human experiences. Got it. Gears is life. You probably t-bag and spew trash over global chat when you lose…
@x_N1HILUS_x thanks for sharing boss. That Kantus skin is dope.


Great story. Always nice when the community is having fun together. Whole point of all this after all anyway. Reminds me of when I’d play mortal kombat online, everyone was super nice and willing to help me learn.

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Yo. Thank you for that. It’s nice to have people like you on the forums :slight_smile:

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Guess you never played gear1 and 2 before party chat was introduced


If that’s all you got from reading this then I don’t know what to say to you. I’m not mad, I’m just disappointed.

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When I play as chrome steel Queen, people let me cap the ring and beg me to saw them in half.


Did everyone clap at the end as well?



Had a gridiron game one time where everyone was doing 1v1, really fun.

Did they melee to initiate the battle like gears of years past.

Most of them yeah

Was intense too,some battles went on for a while

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I miss those days…:…

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I’m with you brother