I played a horde game with someone that had a white UIR character?

I wondered there was a person that had a skin I have never seen and apparently it is very rare in Gears of War 4, I haven’t seen it since I started playing it. Idk it was a UIR person but with Carmine voice and had a company logo on it. He was not doing much helpful as engineer like he didnt know how to play the game, but I have never seen it before. This was a normal difficulty horde and he was kind of low. Anyone seen those before?

This is the skin only given TC employees

Since you said Carmine voice I guess you were referring to Chrome Steel Clayton or Ben

I think he means this boi


Um not a guy lol. But yes that that is the one I meant! Okay I just wondered what it was interesting then.

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Silly Defensor, mistaking black COG for white UIR.


So this person was someone who worked for TC company? Idk why they would be playing it :open_mouth:

Possibly. Most likely, at some point anyway.

I’m not sure why they’d take an interest in these games either.

Oh gotcha sorry lol. Well I knew immediately what you were talking about, love that TC skin.

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