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I played 1 game in Europe out of 30/40 in 10 days

For the love of god, this game is unplayable for many reasons i have written in other posts, and for most of the common complains you can find on this forum.
BUT when the developper say something is fixed, i expect it to be fixed, whether i play EScalation, or Execution, whether i play on my PC, whether i play on Xbox, i play almost every time on an US server.

As said in the title i played 1 game in Europe since the fix, the other Friday, but then when i’m not in Europe i am just like 50 % of the time in NA East (~95 ms), i often play in the other NA Server (or elsewhere who knows) at around 130-140 ms …
And it’s exactly like in Gow 4, when i’m the only one lagging in the game, i’m really disadvantaged BUT the server seem to keep up so it’s not “that” bad. But when we are more than 1 or 2 players not on their right server (which is often the case) these games are just unplaybale because, i teleport every time someone lancer me, or i’m “stuck on walls” when wallbouncing and in most movements, shots are shotting like 1 sec after i push the trigger, or i’m taking headshots with sniper or down by lancer, when it’s 1 or 2 clear seconds since i pulled my head down, you know the usual sht when you lag …

This game is just unplayable, i paid for it, and ask for an answer why is it like this ? Is too hard to do matchmaking by region, update the matchmmaking ? Make the people chose their servers ?
FFS tell me in which language your game is coded, i’m ready to fix your sht for you, it’s unbelievable.


Played 5 or 6 matches of execution over a couple of nights…never below 120 ping…safe to say most games were pointless…its embarrassing that people can still defend it to be honest

I’ve also only noticed this in execution. Any other mode I sit at around 20-30, as soon as I jump into execution 120+.

Agree. TC only care about its US or Mexican players, the rest of the world doesn’t exist. I’m tired of being put into 100 ping lobbies stacked with US or Mexican players with a clear server advantage. It’s not difficult to create matches with people in the same region , yes there might be a player decline but there are still thousand of players playing this game in my region (uk) but it’s puts me on US servers.

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Yup, this is ludicrous.

How long are they going to leave this broken for? It’s amazing how TC gets away with this stuff.

Look at anthem. It gets slated week in week out in the media. Gears isn’t as bad as that, but this server issue is, and you don’t see any media attention brought to it at all.

I dont think TC is to blame for this. I believe the blame should be on Microsoft.

I don’t know, it’s Microsoft big release of the year, they should both hurry themself and the other to fix this kind of issue you can’t handicap yourself by not appealing to a big part of the market.

What i don’t understand is that some people where saying that the fix worked for them, maybe sure it’s working in TDM and Koth where there is more people but please, Escalation and Execution, the classic gears gametype, and the “e-sportt” type they are pushing are impossible to find in Europe that’s kind of sad.

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Even in king of the hill and TDM it’s 50-50 whether you’re on EU or US servers. On execution I’ve only ever been on US servers at 90 ping. I don’t think this will ever be resolved, it’s not a priority for TC, Infact I don’t think they see it as an issue at all.

I don’t know, i remeber like 3-4 years ago, microsoft said, that they absolutely wanted to keep Halo / Gears on xbox, so that they could release a big “Multiplayer” experience every year since historically xbox was the one more focused on multpiplayer, i don’t understand how Gears 5 being a flop in multiplayer can not be an issue to them.

Honestly at first i tried to like it, but i play it less and less, and when i play gears i’m just being upset because i just almost no games in EU, i could live with lagging sometimes, but every time is too much.


I agree with you. But considering that probably 75% of players in this game are from US or Mexico they will always make those players a priority. If it was the other way round with US players playing on EU servers and the EU players getting the advantage it would have been resolved the same day.

I am the same, I quit. 1 Game in 40 days is not acceptable. They also have the cheek to act BALLSY on twitter, acting cocky about how people should “HEED WARNING” and not leave or be banned forever. How about have some god damn humilty and admit the servers are ■■■■■■ and most people are quitting because who wants to play a game with 150 ping in almost 2020.


Yeah, and yesterday for once i had not much to do a saturday, i played a lot “for the science”, I did more Escalation since people tend to say that Execution is the problem, and i didn’t played any games in Europe … honestly i don’t know what to say anymore …

Not far off being left with cod/halo/fortnite players…most of the gears community are giving this a miss…but its ok cause the game was aimed at those that are left…so everyones happy

I’m losing hope for the future of the Xbox in general if that’s the big release of the year.
I feel like it’s gears 1 or beggining of gears 2, over 10 years ago, ping was the same as today, and it’s something i haven’t thought in any game before gow 5.

Agreed will be quitting Gears Of War now and going to PlayStation, been here since 2006, this franchise was the only reason I stayed on Xbox. It’s honestly pathetic how a game like gears 1 had a better connection and that was peer to peer, these servers are an absolute mess, crazy how it’s 2020 and games are still struggling with server issues, it isn’t just gears by the way. Seems like devs are getting very lazy and only care for making money.

The lack of content and no eu servers = what’s the point sticking with gears


Hey guys !
We did it, yesterday my Brother told me go 1 Escalation in Europe, didn’t happened in over a week !
He was happy to see it, maybe it’s just a strategy to make people ponctually happy, who knows ?