I play gears 4 like gears 5 doesnt exist lol

Im not going to write a long disturbing message im going to keep it simple.

Message to TC you guys failed miserably with gears 5, Probably why you guys kept the gameplay secret for so long.
you guys are trying to make new players more at ease as if when we all started we didn’t suck, that’s what made gears addictive because it was HARD! stop catering everything to noobs let them get better the hard way… these kids will learn people will learn…

Gears 4 honestly I wayyyy better than this game, and wayyyyy more enjoyable, I dont even have gears 5 on my xbox anymore thats how flat and lack luster it is… honestly its pathetic.

Also BTW yall made a game thats basically neck and neck with judgment for worst gears game in 2019 :sweat_smile:


I deleted and got refund before release and did go back to gears 4 but noticed the servers are worse than ever an kept getting dumped onto usa servers from the uk and its pointless playing with a 100ms ping or more,its like playing gears one again but without the great gameplay of course.

I gave up on gears and have taken it out of my life thanks to TC and will never support the game again.,i do check in the forum ever few days just to laugh at how bad gears 5 is,i laughed when i found out Microsoft claim its the most played launch game when in fact figures show gears 3 was much higher on release.
I would only play gears again if TC are fired .

The reviews are fake payed for shills and only game pass got it any players as sales figures for the game are terrible.


Sounds like you need to try GoW 5 escape map builder and buy the noob spray tag.

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Thank you for the information. In other useless news I wear blue socks today.

In other other useless news, His socks have holes in them like mine, back to you

It really is hard to find good socks, isn’t it?

True true

Catering to people who will just quit. Selling out for a girl who doesn’t even pay attention to you. It’s sad.

Gears used to be unique, used to be.

They have to nerf all the handicaps in this game, remove them.

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It’s complete n00b mode like OP said. The best thing in Gears 4 is you SUCKED at the start and you knew it, and you knew why. You saw the cards and went, “Huh, wow ok so I killed 2 guys as sniper somehow each wave. Am I really that garbage?! Oh wait holy cow headshot damage card, that’ll help!! Whoa explosive headshot? I bet that’s good!” I remember at first I couldn’t believe how bad I was at sniper. I thought it was useless. By the end of the game all cards were maxed even the ones I didn’t use and I would score 150,000 to 230,000 on inconceivable as sniper when people on this forum said sniper was useless above hardcore hahaha. I didn’t even take cover on insane as sniper, I could hit my shots before I would take damage. I played with great teams and I loved it. It felt like you could level your character to be truly amazing at your class, whether that was drop shotting as a heavy or being the tank scout grabbing every drop of power and reviving your team, or building a crazy base for cheap as engineer, it was just fun. They ruined the fun entirely and made a trash horde mode I wouldn’t continue playing for any amount of money. I literally had more fun soloing casual as a sniper lol. It takes forever but it’s satisfying and I enjoy that headshot sound. I don’t enjoy anything about Gears 5 horde except flying around as Jack basically being a troll and sparking the grubs because it’s funny. Not even fun, just hilarious. That’s what GOW has become? Man… and it was my favorite game series. Still is, really, but I’ll go back to 4.


Most socks have holes in them. Otherwise it makes it more difficult to get the feet in.

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