I now feel your versus ranking pain

I haven’t played versus in ages, due to all the bugs that you all know about. No need to repeat them.

I played 7 matches last night with my fiance. I was mvp in 5, and 2nd/3rd in the other two. So I played fairly well right?

Unfortunately, I was always in teams with randoms and we were always against stacked teams except for a handful of games.

I only managed to win two games out of the 7 as a result.

But, wait! Your individual ranking surely only factors in your individual performance right? Of course not. This was both of our placement matches for season 4.

I got bronze 2 lol. My fiance who was third to second last for the 7 games also got bronze 2, despite the clear difference in her performance versus mine.

I’m not saying that I should have been diamond or anything. But high Gold or Onyx 1 seems like a fair reflection of my performance in the placement matches (which were generally against diamonds / Onyx too).

This is a perfect example of how ridiculous the ranking system is. What lunatic decided your individual ranking should reflect your team performance? Team != Individual.

This isn’t just about me either. It’s also creating unbalanced matches. Technically now, bronze players are going to be going up against a gold/onyx level player (me) due to the silly ranking system. You can imagine all the levels that this affects for everyone.

This system is a joke. After I’ve done my 20 games to get the skins I’m done.

PS: 6 of the games had terrible sponging resulting in some frustrating deaths like sneaking up on a guy and being killed by him when he wasn’t even facing me, being torque bow headshotted whilst I was behind a wall with my head in cover… Etc.


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