I noticed something funny

I noticed how whenever somebody teebags you in VS and then they start to lose, they use the enforcer. that is just overall pathetic


I notice that they’re usually 4th or 5th on their team

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You beat me to it. There was a guy who teabagged on his first kill yesterday. I must have killed him 10x after that and gave him the business every time. :smile: They lost and he was playing so scared by the end of the match. He or course, was at the bottom, like most teabaggers.

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Most enforcers are the type of guys that gets off on getting the first kill but have no problem dying everytime they get a single kill. They almost always have same amount of kills as they do with deaths, or even more negative. Strafing enforcers becomes second nature once you run into a good amount of em.

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The one acting like the biggest jackass is always 4th or 5th.

Most PC games the playerbase is actually pretty decent and respectable, at least in my FPS experiences (deathmatch/cap flag type games). I took a break from gears to play Quake Champions and it was a nice thing to have people with sportsmanship after every match.

Then one game I was playing and there is this guy typing all sorts of crap about how his teammates suck, that his ping is high, that we’re all haxing… throwing a fit. - Last place.

Another game down the line some other player on the enemy team screams about how his team needs to do better. - Last place.

No matter the game, no matter how great the community is or isn’t, the one squealing the loudest is always last place.

Universal truth.


When all else goes wrong, blame everything except yourself even when the scoreboard don’t lie.

There’s something called ‘adapting’. Those guys needs to look it up and try it sometimes.


Ah, I forgot you were trying out Quake. I’m trying to find a game that isn’t so buggy but nothing grabs my attention for an extended period of time. Maybe one day, lol.