I need to know why my rank is not moving up

Like I’m o3 in TDM 79PER i played 10 match against diamonds 4n5 I got MVP like I was in 3-16 kills soo why my rank is not going up
My every thing is good my KD ratio is 1.5 my win ratio is 73
Soo why men
Gears plz look after this and don’t tell me silly thing

You need to ask octus in the main ranking thread. It’s most likely you are where you belong in ranked. The system is broken and TC will tell you otherwise. My only real advice is to not worry about rank and just have fun.

Any discussions of the the ranking system must be posted in the main ranking system discussion and feedback thread. That way TC can see the ranking system discussions all in one place.

Plus Octus does respond to users posrs over there, so im sure he can explain to you why your not ranking up.

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