I need this JD outfit

I would pay hella money, even if it makes me a hypocrite because I hate the shop, for a JD outfit with Marcus’s bandanna. I think that would be an awesome playing side by side with Marcus that way.


The Gilded JD and Gilded Marcus look good together, but you can’t get them anymore.

I don’t really like gold on my characters , exept for Gears 3 Golden Gear.
I’ve been playing Classic Marcus since forever (heck , it’s my all time favourite armor) but still I don’t use Gilded Marcus because of gold.

Gears 3 Golden Gear made a lot of sense because :
1 It was cool
2 you had to earn it
3 only helmet , not overly Golden
4 had the backstory around it
5 normal size , not Clayton size
6 (TESTA ESPLOSAAAA!!) Italian dubbage lol

Back to the OT … any different , more rugged , scarred , war-rish and cool looking skin would be welcome.
Bandana JD would be cool , but , again, I would prefer more angered quotes from him.