I need help with this game

Hi. I need help. A while back when I play gears 4. I’m taken off my credits due to abandonment of competition. first they took me 37 and now more than 300 per game. I know what to do.

Stop quitting.


I think its because you quit so many times (someone correct me if I am wrong) you now have a debt to pay in either XP or credits and until that debt is payed you will continue to keep paying until you have have become a reliable VS player or until what you would have earned from each match you quit has been reached. Keep playing, no quitting and you will start receiving credits again but yeah seriously STOP QUITTING!


You have some balls coming in here complaining! :rofl:


“hello i’ve been quitting matches and i want to know why i’m being punished for quitting my matches”


i can only assume the people who complain are the ones who didnt read the updates to quit penalties and they just cant grasp that concept of “no quitting”




Love it :slight_smile:
Do you member when The Simpsons was the greatest thing on tv.

Should have stopped years ago. I hold the series so dear to my heart, just hate what it has become…

Oh by the way in the sentence above I was talking about The Simpsons…not Gears, or was I :wink:

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That or they dont understand english so well probably.

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Thanks for joining 9 hours ago and not understanding why you are getting your credits taken away with you literally admitting to quitting


He’s obviously running through translation software and at least trying to communicate.
I’m guessing high-ping/bad internet gets him repeatedly dropped from games and racks up the penalties?

I tried to launch a game 5 times yesterday and the lobbies repeatedly dissolved once the match loaded as one player always failed to join. Checked my network settings and there was a matching making error on XBL’s end. It claimed it only affected MW2 but that was not so.

I gave up on that and tried to launch a private horde but kept getting error code 0x00000d1c.
Even everything (except this forum) on gearsofwar.com was giving me an error 500 when i tried to check the error code I started getting.

By the way @TC_Octus the error code dialogue box gives bad information on WHERE to search for error codes. The pop-up dialogue states :Go to Gearsofwar.com/community and search for the code.

I dont think the site has error code search pages to begin with let alone information page for it. As far as I know there is only information page for Biglowe error.


That’s kind my point. The in-game pop-up dialogue box instructs you on a fruitless task. It’s like achievement hunting in this game but with even less payoff. :slight_smile:

Balls of steel,

Its Great to see penalty’s are given, to Habital quitters😂

To Original poster:,keep playing and dont quit.
Things will eventualy be ok again,just like the guys above says.

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was that there since launch? Quite surprised it hasn’t been removed.

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Yeah. I have old videos with the pop-up errors since launch and they all say the same thing.

example from February 2017: