I need help with an issue that came up in Gears 5

So I’ve been playing gears 5 on pc since the ore order and I never really came across any issues with the game besides the lower than desirable framerate in campain, but everything else was just fine, until yesterday I hopped on and when I was going through the menu with my keyboard I noticed that it would stutter for a bit, i honestly though something was still loading in but when I went into a match, I noticed the extreme lag and I thought it was my connection at that point since it had the connection symbol at the lower right, but my connection was fine and I realized that it was everytime I would press the keys, it would first stutter, continue for a second then altogether freeze, and it only went back to normal when I released the W key. I can move my mouse around just fine without any interruptions, but anytime I press any button on my keyboard, or click my mouse, even when I scroll, it does the same thing, and it’s made the game unplayable.

Here’s a link to show you my problem

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I have the same problem too

I uninstalled and reinstalled the game still has the same problems. I tried using a controller on PC it works fine but keyboard doesn’t work

My keyboard is a Logitech g610

Well I use a laptop so I guess I cant really specify what kind of keyboard it is unless I say it’s an omen keyboard? Anyways, I hope it’s just a bug that will be patched later, and i actually havent tried controller honestly, I’ll check that out and if it works I’ll just play like that.

If you are using Razer Cortex, close out of the program before starting Gears 5. Completely solved my issue. Some guy on some form told me this and it worked

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Thanks, I cant believe I never thought of the last program I got messing something up, as you said it works fine now, and thank you again, gears 5 is playable again!


thank you

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