I need help. Turtle Beach Stealth 600 Wireless PC

So I have Xbox Adapter, and a wireless white Tutrle Beach 600 stealth Mic… it works on every other game besides Gears 5 on PC. I’m not sure about chat yet, but game audio is very choppy. It picks up game audio one second, and then the next, it just cuts out… any fixes for this? I remember having a ton of issues when Gears 5 initially released on PC, from installation issues, to pretty much every other technical issue you could imagine.

Finally, someone else feels my pain lol

Stealth500s have the exact same problem, I spent ages on in only to resort to buying a cheap set of wired hyperx’s just for gears an they work fine, even tho I’d stopped playing by the time they turned up.

Still, I got a brand new set for next time lol

In short, I gave up an that’s my advice, I’m sure the conflict is their end an it’s a lost cause.

Like ya say, everything else on the market works no problem with the TBs

The most annoying thing, is every now an then you’ll get proper sound for 20seconds an it’ll appear all is well, but it’s not


Lol. Welp… another reason Gears 5 is a ■■■■■■ downgrade.

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