I need help to be master

Is there any one to help me to be Rank Master…I don’t have team and i have more problems like ping +100…I need to be Master in this op so plz any help
My ID: Medo LostMC


Prepare yourself… the trolls are coming!

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What game type?

Well this season is the easiest to get it. So No stress. Everyone gets to be master.


If you could hit onyx tier 2 in op1 I recommend solo que king or ffa.

Whatever you enjoy.

I enjoy king if I had to choose.

Well, I’m forced between the two.

Still rather play other ranked modes but the population can’t handle that, I guess.

I go three steps forward on KOTH then go 10 back.

Getting Master on KOTH has been a nightmare.

I’ve been thrown all the way back to Onyx 2 again :roll_eyes:

If you’re reasonably talented FFA should be easy enough. gets going at diamond but I never lost any points from bronze to masters.

(KOTH OP1 Masters here)

You’ll most likely need some ex diamond players for KOTH masters. Coming up against full stacks seems to be a frequent occurrence & if you’re not use to crossing teams it might be a bit of a struggle for the onyx lads.

  • use the Xbox Xbox game bar thing, don’t know if you’re pc or Xbox but if I need a stack I just go through that, Some really sound & talented people on it. -

Not realy…Its hard to be master if you don’t have a team cuz every team i join they always leave the match

Well, they have no limits on how many players can be a master. So in the end of this season all players could be masters… Then it’s just a matter if you are master 100.000 or master 60.000.
The gp system is so bad.

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