I need help, tips and tricks

After 100 hours of versus, I still can’t get used to anything in this game. Movement, aiming, weapons… I see people killing me in easy ways, and they never miss a shot. In Gears of War 4 I was not a Master, but I was way better than now in Gears 5. I don’t know, it feels weird in many ways. Do you have tips or particular controller setting? I don’t know what to do

Anyone else noticed an increase of toxicity in these days? “EZ” and “TRASH” in almost every match :man_shrugging:t2:

I have been using these controller settings for a while now, recommended by another forum member and I really like them.

Sensitivities 27, 27, 27
Inner deadzone 3
Outer deadzone 1

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Which modes do you play?

Guardian and KOTH.
I’ll try those controller settings, I don’t use the aim assist by the way

I use it. I find Gnasher better with aim assist off but i notice i have more trouble with alternate weapons. Such as Boltok and Lancer. Longshot is fine without aim assist.

What i do recommend though is playing some 2v2 and TDM.

2v2 helps refine small details in your CQC.

TDM helps you to slow down and be more efficient with your lives.

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Yeah the boltok in particular is really hard to use without aim assist.
Got it though, I’ll play more 2vs2

Watch the dev streams and the patch notes when they come out. They have a habbit of changing the tuning monthly like it’s overwatch. Good to keep up on what is most effective. (Currently the gnasher at range was buffed)

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Classic Alt
The key to using high sens is to use the left stick more than the right only use the right stick for big adjustments but when your face to face with someone use the left to line them up and hold shots dont just shoot to shoot

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