I need help redeeming these codes

alright so I redeemed the rockstar cab codes and the chips ahoy codes. I received the email and redeemed them on the Microsoft website as well. I am playing on pc and purchased gears 5 on steam. I have yet to receive any of the content. Please help!

Did you redeem codes while you were playing the game or did you redeem them and then start the game? If you were already in the game then restarting it should solve the issue. Sometimes it does take a bit for them to show up. I don’t know how it works for PC, but in console I just had to restart my game to receive my content.

I redeemed the rockstar codes weeks ago when they first came out. So I don’t think that’s the issue. However both times I redeemed them with the game closed

Well if it was weeks ago you might want to put in a ticket for missing content with the codes attached and explain the problem.

How would I go about doing that?

I don’t know myself since I’ve never submitted a ticket.
@GhostofDelta2 any idea of how to submit a ticket? I’m not sure and this person needs help I can’t assist with.


Okay, thanks. There you go, @I_Nail_n_Bail

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yea im getting an error every time i try to redeem :confused:

any tips?

Sadly, no. The only thing I can say is just send a ticket in with your error and the redemption codes. Link for tickets is above earlier in the thread.

yea i sent a ticket but it says ill get a response in 7 days :confused:

They’re probably backed up with everything else that’s broken.

It took them two weeks to respond to a ticket I had submitted during the second week of launch, so you’re going to have to wait awhile. However, Octus responded to my queries on Twitter on the spot, so maybe try there and if you’re lucky, he’ll help you out.