I need help or is there any point in having this game on my PC

i have been trying to play the MP but I can never find a match I have even waited for 1h before

like this games <MP is a joke

Where are you located?? With the game being in the late stages of its life and TCs last update certain areas seem to be having trouble finding matches

UK and I have had this pob from the start of it

The only game types you will find is 2v2 or TDM.

KOTH if you are a low rank but a lot of UK PC players have deserted this mode as TC implemented Strict Matchmaking that simply does not work for the region.

If you want more consistent matches without having to wait anywhere up to 4-5 hours for a game,

I would highly suggest buddying up with at least one US East player.

TDM games can be found in under a minute, usually within seconds.

KOTH varies again depending on your skill level / rank.

Escalation would also be easier to find too if that’s your preferred mode.

Escalation is not possible to find games anymore on PC, regardless of region. Don’t even try lol. Trust me, pic a less competitive mode.