I need help at this point of GOW4s lifecycle- SERIOUSLY 4.0/ ONE RIBBON

Hi there Gears of War community!
My Gamertag is Praise Dionysos. Im sure a couple people on the Forums from EU recognize that GT from ranked games or Horde. I need help to get my seriously 4.0 achievment i have previously done every SERIOUSLY achievment in all the GOW games. This time i am struggeling with one Ribbon i cant get anymore due to the fact i just cant find any games on Escalation, i have tried countless times but i am not able to find escalation games on EU Servers in 2019! The Ribbon i am talking about is “Rally” the description from the wiki says “Won an escalation match after being behind at half time”. I think u need to be like 4-1 behind and win the match 7-4 just as an example. It functions as some sort of “Clutch” Ribbon for escalation. And I need people from this community to help me get this Ribbon. I never asked for something on the GOW Forums cause i never had trouble getting my SERIOUSLY achievments in the past. From what i read on reddit there was a patch that made the ribbon “OLE!” not required for the seriously 4.0 achievment- so the “Rally” Ribbon is the only thing i still need for the achievment. I would really appriciate some help from the community and will always be grateful to those who are willing to help me. It doesnt really take a lot of time either. All I need is 9 fellow gears heads who are willing to try to get into a ranked escalation lobby with me( because I think in private games there are no ribbons just like GOW3 as far as i know). I would try it myself but I cant find any escalation lobbies in 2019 and never really liked this gametype in the first place- only for ESPORTS its exciting to watch but i never really got into it myself!
So please let me know if you re willing to help- to all you out there still playing GOW4 message me on xbox live or on the Forums. In return I will help others getting their seriously 4.0 themselfs or the black phantom weapon Skin set for example i am looking forward meet new people who care for a struggling long time community member.
Much love

Talk to @Krylon_Blue. He knows how to Photoshop the achievement


Your best bet is probably trying to arrange something via “trueachievements”
Good luck.

Whatdo you mean ? Are u trying to be funny because i dont get it! I really need help with this particular ribbon for the hardest achievmet on gears of war 4! I think in the past you also got an emblem for it!

Master of Photoshop.



I am serious i really want to get this Achievement before GOW 5 comes out and there is no other way for me to search for help on this one simply because i cant find any Matches to get this Ribbon. I have always been playing by myself in social ranked and Horde thats why I came to the Forums- no toxicity for once in this community would be appriciated! I got ole and not today even tho i dont need them! Rally is the only ribbon missing

@DAVID_THE_CLOWN isn’t being toxic. He’s actually my buddy making a joke.

I understand you want the achievement. I hope you can get it. :+1:


its just i cant find games i would grind very hard too if i could find some Matches… i got every Ribbon legit but this one just seems to be impossible to get in 2019 due to th small playerbase in EU… The only ranked gametypes that are alive and well for me are KOTH and TDM

“no toxicity in this community” bro you’re like 13 years too late for that.

Also Gears 5 doesn’t yet have a release date. The game is two years old and we don’t know exactly when G5 is coming. You’ve had time. And still have time don’t freak out now.

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we will have a releasedate at E3 and i personally think they are going to release a beta/ alpha at the Microsoft press conference the way they did it with GOWUE

TC said that the world debut of the GOW5 multiplayer will be in mid July. They’re running a small tournement featuring 8 eSports teams who will showcase it, so we won’t get a beta before then seeing as it’s been publicised as the “world debut”.

Yeah. We can’t know for sure and the RD will probably be for really late 2019.

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I was in the same situation, unable to find an escalation match and a few escalation related ribbons missing.

The solution? Core Escalation: you can get anything but the one that requires 7 wins in a row (because the core version has only 5 rounds). It was available during the week the last tournament took place. Core Escalation is a special playlist with mid joining and bot backfilling.

I would suggest you ask for it on twitter, your best bet being dana and octus. It’s going to take a while but ask enough and chances are it will come back.

On a kinda related but not exactly the same topic, i recently got Chest Candy even though I did not have all of the ribbons…

I heard that Ole wasn’t required, and I don’t have that, but I also don’t have the one where you have to revive all of your team mates in a Warzone/Execution round… I guess that one isn’t required for Chest Candy either… (I never expected to get it because clutch and smorgasbord and gladiator were just not things I ever expected to do… Then I got lucky with a clutch, and in social ended up in a Warzone game where I knifed a bot and next was an arms race where team mates were total beginners so even without trying I got Smorgasbord - I didn’t even know I was doing it until I saw the ribbon pop up, and then the chest candy achievement)…

Anyhow, hope you’ll find some people to play escalation with… It would have to be a team which would coordinate, to tel the other team be a little ahead at half time and then sweat to win…

I have the same problem with the MY HOUSE ribbon (win 7 straight rounds). Unfortunately it was not possible to win it during the recent special event, because of a 5-round win requirement. So I guess what @Belkain suggests (core escalation) might help us… or even escalation in VERSUS AI… or, better yet ;), removing that specific ribbon as a requirement to get Chest Candy (just like with OLE!, etc. ribbons).

Take your pick TC – we know you are listening… please give us a solution here.

You can turn crossplay on and it would be easier to find matches but you will need a very good team to play with.


Unfortunately no luck in finding escalation matches… no matter the state of crossplay option. And the strange fact being the estimated waiting time: almost always less than 1 min.

That insane campaign requirement for seriously 4.0, can that be coop, or does it have to be solo?

can be either or

i had the same idea !!! i didnt know there was a Special Event for escalation i recently came back to GOW 4 @TC_Octus could we get this “core” escalation Event back one more time ? i Need to get this Ribbon asap cause gears 5 is coming and its very unlikely i am going to be able to complete this one Ribbon since i already got Problems finding escalation Matches on ranked Right now