I modified a replica Lancer into a controller for Gears of War

I like to design new ways to play video games and my latest project is a life-size Lancer motion controller you can use to play Gears of War. The Lancer is a limited edition replica that was sold alongside the release of Gears of War 5. I retrofitred this plastic toy with a microcontroller, gyroscope and accelerometer sensors for tracking motion data, and several tactile buttons that are bound to the various actions found in game.


That is just amazing. Congratulations dude!

I actually hope you practice your real life movement and try to mimic the characters when you are chainsawning soneone LOL.

Really, truly amazing. Good job


This is a really great project. I wonder if anyone from @the-coalition has seen it because this is a project I feel could definitely get recognition from them. Even if just an acknowledgment.

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Great work dude👍