I missed some cool skins. Will they reappear in the store again?

I switched to Gears 5 recently, and missed some interesting skins, and it seems I regret it. How likely are they to reappear in the store again? Maybe someone has experience shopping at the Fortnite store or in other games with a similar trading system…

No word really on whether we’ll be seeing any of the skins that have appeared in the store make a comeback.

In Fortnite, it took awhile until they started re-releasing items from the store. And even then, there are plenty that have only been released once and then never again. It works out fine though because of the huge selection that they have, it never feels like you’re seeing the same items over and over again. And they manage to release something new every other day (their store resets everyday).

If they were to do that on Gears5 today however, the store would be stale af because they just don’t have enough items to not make it seem repetitive, especially since they update their store once a week. They’ll need to keep doing what they’re doing for at least a year before even considering to rehash items in the store imo.

As for items from the battlepass (ToD), I believe they’re only going to be available during their respective season (OP), just like in Fortnite.

No idea, so far I don’t think it happened much, if at all. It might have happened with Delivery Driver Mac, there was something about him being back by popular demand at one point, but I don’t know the whole story to be honest. Celestial skins are still there I think & they are the best ones so far imo.

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For skins that were in the store, I’m sure stuff will eventually cycle back through, though we haven’t hit that point yet. Nothing in the store has ever come back, to date.

For stuff that was in the first Tour of Duty (Team Metal, Team Ice), it’s harder to say if it’ll ever be obtainable via some other method. I wouldn’t be shocked if it was, but I also imagine people would be unhappy if you could just, say, pay for them.

Then again, campaign character skins were in the first TOD, and it seems inconceivable to me that campaign skins would just be locked off to you forever if you didnt get the game until December.

Pink camo lancer and gnasher were sold individually, then returned in a full set. I believe that this is the only instance of a store item returning so far.

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