I miss the old ranked way

Hello who else miss the labels like master, diamond, onyx,gold,silver, bronze…I can’t be the only one I don’t like this new rank number crap like you start at like 46k and 9k now I’m still going up I don’t play every day cuz of work but this is dump who likes this point and rank number thing.i haven’t read any updates in a while but why is the chat gone on Xbox. Who’s with me on this

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They’ve tried several formulas and nothing seems to work, the last version is just dumb. Ironically the first version was the best.

I don’t understand why they can’t replicate the one we had for G4.

Microsoft wanted to create a “safe” environment for players so it is disabled by default, you need to manually activate it.


Because people complained ALOT about how bad the ranking system was and how they didn’t move despite winning this many matches and getting this many MVPs. It was “unfair” claimed quite a bit of players. Then it changed and people complain about that one being too easy.

TC is so weird with how they pick and choose what they wanna keep and what they wanna change I swear.

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Those complaining were usually Onyx 3 unable to reach diamond simply because the system had a fixed number of diamond slots (once reached you’ll keep the slot even if you stopped playing). That was fixed for G5.

OP1 ranking was criticized because it paired everyone against everyone as long as the teams were “even”, so masters and bronzes together was reasonable for TC, that is why everyone complained.

The previous one being too easy is true, everyone who bothered to try reached masters, so the skins of course lost their meaning.

Hopefully the next community director tries at least to understand it’s player base instead of playing trial and error.

How about make it like 4 and just add no lock-in till masters and if they don’t play a game for how long then they lose the spot but not the rank till they get back on something like that.

Nah, leave it. Might get top 100. Love this system. Benefits mortals like me. :laughing:

Yeah I definitely miss the ranking system, or at least a semblance of it. It was so watered down near the end that it hardly mattered when they got rid of it. Any player with fingers got diamond, and anyone who had fingers and played solo got masters.

Still, I miss the days when you’d see diamond and master skins and know that you were in for a sweaty match. Now its just meh


Thanks I turned it back on lol

Yup I agree with you on that …every game has a rank to show where you belong or try to get to and rewards to show it not just here a number and that’s it.

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Even if you do manually activate it I never see anyone use it.

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Hope u get it …but for people like me that plays lots of games I want to get to my rank and play vs people of the same rank not always start at the bottom and just run newbies by .


I did it and people was using it I just got off on tdm lol

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Well I guess it’s because a lot of people are still unaware that it’s off by default.

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Look at this first time for me :rofl:

not sure why they couldnt give a rank just for visual appeal. like something that is affected by score per minute and kdr. then let everyone just get matched up however. there could maybe be a better way but leaderboards like this only the people who play alot get to the top as it doesnt actually show any skill.

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Yup one game I’m up vs master’s and diamond players others bronze and gold’s level you can clearly see the difference in play.