I miss Gears 3 Horde mode and (Gears 4 xp)

in my opinion it was so much better turrets, sentry turrets, barricades, decoys, mech suit not only that way more variety with bosses!
I also feel like horde doesn’t give you enough xp like it should in Gears 5 you should be heavily rewarded the higher the difficulty and for completing 50 waves

I admit I’m not having as much fun in Gears 5 Horde but it is growing on me a bit, you have to play slightly differently than in 4 though. One common complaint is the lack of ammo but an ideal group should be dismantling weapons and using Lockers for ammo. There are also a few classes that drop pilfer ammo.

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To be honest the only problem I’ve seen with ammo is playing as the COG Gear lately. I’ve mostly been maining Jack and otherwise if I get the chance Del, so I’ve understandably not noticed it at all prior, but as the Gear I’ve noticed the lack of ammo generally for my Lancer. I start with what, 430? But the ammo resupplies only up to 120 At the start of new waves I think, and I only get 60 For a box; which is rare to get anyway when you’re fighting again JD and Fahz; so I’m fighting for ammo most of the game.
I ended up even building my own weapon locker later even though arguably just spawning a fresh Lancer would’ve been easier, then throwing my Lancer on there when it was quiet and between waves, atleast that way it only cost me the 5k power and not 2k everytime I wanted a new one.

No longer a response to you and instead directed to the thread topic. Can we just get the option to build a Troika/Chain Gun please? Oh I’d love that.I get that it would be nowhere near as effective as an automated, upgradeable sentry, but I’ll be damned if I wouldn’t enjoy the heck out of it.

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