I miss active reloads... is this the solution to utilize it more?

So someone made a thread about gears 5’s shotgun having 6 shots wasn’t a good idea… I agree so one of the thread creators solution is having the shotgun have 6 shots without an active then 8 shots with an active. (How about 9 or 10?) I like this idea too but see another possible idea…

That is you shoot faster w/a active reload &/or reload faster too when those rounds are all out. So that’s the idea… maybe we could implement it with his idea?

So instead of the flat Shell increase or DMG increase of other weapons it might make the Gnasher better when making your next move, interesting.

I’m down for anything better than what we have now.

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No. Return the shell count to 8 and resume normal damage buffs.

Also return active reloads to the original format: reloading only when bullets have been shot. Not being able to endlessly reload until you can get an Active.


What it should be when you keep trying for that active reload. Is dumping the rounds you have left on the ground, lost forever. that’s essentially what you’re doing when trying for active reload.

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I liked original format but too many complained to TC, so I’m finding other alternatives that I like to meet in the middle.

The shotgun won’t shoot endlessly in this idea: the shot gun just doesn’t have to take as long to reload when an active is hit, or/and the whole shot round will reload faster for the next shotgun round to start up again… If they get an active again then the whole rounds again would have the same reload speed as before with active… this is where that scenario could happen again… But assuming the time of active sped shots has the normal time limit, we could potentially stop that scenario you’ve suggest from happening, by…

  1. having no consecutive whole round speeds increased
  2. having a cut off point for which bullet passes the whole round speed increase
  3. only having the whole round speeds increase a benefactor or the sped up bullet reload per active blinking bullets ( simply called the ‘other idea’ )
  4. having the cut off point determine which active reloads cause the one ( maybe 2 active points w/in the meter? Or the exact darker white area does 1 then the less white exact shade beside it does the other? ) or the other or based what you recently had or not (definitely not the better option)
  5. Just read every number again and when it mentions the bullet rate of fire perk you just eliminate that and substitute that with 8-6 rounds idea where you need the exact white line to cause 8 whole rounds or the shade to reload faster for your next whole rounds but w/6 bullets… or vice versa.
    Edit: instead of 8 shots why not 9 or 10?

Being able to shoot faster (faster rate of fire) breaks the game on a fundamental level. Movement speed and every single weapon (mostly loadout weapons) in the game would have to be rebalanced around the gnasher’s increased RoF. It also adds in extra degree of randomness.

I’d personally just like the 8 rounds back and call it good there.

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ok, fair enough; but if that’s the case we could still implement solution 1-4, but now just w/out the rate of fire mentioned perks in their number counterparts… what you say? :slight_smile:

maybe the cut of point mentioned numbers is split with whole round reload speed increase (just that reload getting every bullet reliable to shoot) and the 8-6 bullets in each round you mentioned

So long as there’s a consistent (and reasonable) minimum speed for reloads so an opposing player has something to work with for outplay purposes, it should be okay.

I think I get what you’re saying, like having two different active points with distinct purposes. The faster one gives you 6 bullets /w faster reload and another (slightly slower?) rewarding you 8 bullets . Or was it just the perfect reload that rewards you the 8 bullets and everything else 6? Kinda like how the long shot is now where the perfect active has it’s own reward but you can reload much sooner than that.

The exact white line would =8 shots (9 shots, 10 shots?) The white shaded less white color stripes beside the white line (make it long and thick/easy to hit) will cause you to reload all your bullets back into your gun faster, to then shoot at normal reload speed from then on after shooting, adding up to 6 bullets… vice Versa?.. maybe not… anyways this is the best idea out of all the ones I listed in the numbers.

Yeah, I don’t see any real problem with your idea. Some people that like to count the shots players have left in their gun might though (if you go above 8 shots).

Only the weak would have complained. It should still be reverted regardless of what this irrelevant little people think. Enough damage has been done to Gears of War’s formula as it is.

Yes I agree once I suggested the 9-10 shot possibility I reliez that that could be a problem with the combo of faster reloads for whole clip rounds and more bullets in a round depending on if you get the exact white line, and now 9 and up makes it less of a skill to never run out of shots in any crucial way… with 8 then 6 faster reloads for the whole clip your requiring more skill to judge which is better in any given moment.
PS: it may actually make more sense to swith the functions on the different white areas in active reloads line.