I may have discovered the most useful engineer build!

I know that the phrase: “most useful”, in this case, is quite subjective, since there are some shortcomings to this build, but hear me out. I have herebefore taken that (and a few other things) into consideration.

  • Firstly, protection. It is vital to use Healing Repair for this purpose. Without it, you will constantly be getting down while repairing fortifications. Fully maxed, it provides 3.4% stim for the prevention of this. Understand, with this build, you will have no other cards to assist you in that similar way. Meaning, your character themselves will not be all that good in personal combat (especially in later waves).

  • Secondly, parsimony. Fully maxed, Efficient Fabrication will prove utile in this aspect as it reduces the initial construction cost of fabrications by an additional 32%, already on top of the 15% passive discount, making it to 47% in total.

  • Thirdly, expedience. For your sake, just have Ingenuity equipped. Repair speed for this class can be kind of slow by default… So, why not? Fully maxed, it increases by 60% as well as reducing the cost of said repairs by 30%.

  • Now lastly, the two most important cards of all for this build: Reinforced Fabrication and Overload. Fully maxed, Reinforced Fabrication gives a 175% health bonus to all fortifications built. This is important for a few reasons. Apart from the self-explanatory said health increase, it is very practical as it negates the necessity of upgrading barriers, saving you energy. Also, in tandem with Overload, it creates more of a buffer to improve that card’s efficiency. Fully maxed, the Overload card increases the damage output of fortifications by 40% ONLY IF their current health is above a 50% threshold. For this class, the in-game perk setup consists of Fortification Health; Damage, and Repair Cost; Speed. Only upgrade the Fortification Damage perk and nothing else. Doing this increases fortification damage on top of the 40% bonus, so when it is fully maxed all fortifications do plus 90% damage. It is superfluous to upgrade any of the other perks as (per this build) there are already cards that act as a præëmption of sorts for the said remaining perks.

Not sure if this is meant for feedback/discussion or you just posted this as a way of “showing less knowledge Mechanics a solid build”. If the second, okay I agree it’s a good one. Especially given I know people who don’t even run the Discount card. Wtf with them. Now, if you are open to discussion…

Those are the cards I don’t use when using Mechanic. I instead run the card that gives my fortifications an outright 32% dmg resistance when over 50% (hint: it’s ALWAYS) and the one that speeds up the Lockers. Didn’t used this one previously but I’ve been Demo a couple times with Mechanics who don’t run it and… let’s just say now I run it always as courtesy for Pilots / Demos / Marksman / Veterans if needed.

The thing with Healing Repair is that there’s a point in the matches where (especially after the 2x dmg taken Mutator kicks in) no matter if you are repairing barriers or Tabs, I would get downed by claws / HB and especially ENFORCERS. I suspect now with some enemies running Lancer and Retro Lancer it may be even harder to go mid wave and repair a tab. I imagine I’d just get chainsawed.

Now you may be wondering “Okay you took out both the repairing cards. You don’t repair at all or what?” Exactly. With the 175% extra health (plus all the extra you get thanks to the perk) and the 32% dmg resistance, my barriers are basically indestructible for like 35 waves or something crazy like that. Level 1 barriers for that matter.

And if you mostly play Frenzy, then the starting 10k are good enough to build a ■■■■ ton of Barriers to prevent being overruned. And with them having the 175% health and 32% dmg resistance, they are good enough to last the 12 waves. No repairing needed AT ALL.

If something crazy happens like a Matriarch destroying everything, then as soon as the next wave starts I instantly upgrade them to level 2. Yes it’s more expensive but I’m not wasting like a minute repairing them, And since you’re Mechanic, energy shouldn’t be a problem. Unless you’re one of those who forgets Engis are “Support” and need the MVP and puts sentries to kill everything. In which case energy is low thanks to it being wasted on the sentries.

I just love not being a Slave to the Repair Tool. And since people expect me to be repairing 90% of the time, I can just chill in the base using my phone or something while my teammates kill everything.

The only the theorical disadvantage is that if Power Tabs get heavily damaged, you’d spend a ton of time repairing it… but in my experience, I always get at least 2 people who know their importance and defends them so I don’t need to. And if one gets damaged, I go and repair it once only 5 enemies remain or so. Use that time + 30s before the next wave starts to bring the tab back to full HP.

I use Healing Repair all the time. It’s true on later waves that you lose the stim in a split second, but it’s still useful and makes a small difference.

On later waves I tend to treat the Mechanic as a medic if there’s no JACK or Combat Medic. Having that extra stim gives me a small safety net so I can move around to revive team mates. This allows my team mates (who are typically offence based) to focus on fighting.

I typically use:

Efficient Fabrication
Reinforced Fabrication
Healing Repair
Overclocked Locker

I don’t bother with Overload really. The perk for damage is alright, and from a philosophical perspective I don’t like relying on fortifications for dealing damage. It’s a shooter and I expect my team mates to do the shooting. :grinning: Barriers are to block or slow the enemy, and Shock Sentries to stun enemies. Any damage fortifications do is really to prevent them regenerating health.


No locker cards ? Ouch
Not the best build
Maybe if your team isn’t locker reliant

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Well, first time posting some Knowledge in the Forum, Welcome!

However, if your Team suck, your Build cannot do Much Damage by yourself. I mean you can’t even Protect yourself once you rely on Too Much Fortifications.

I normally don’t bring Locker Card in Mechainc, but Robotic Expert is a Must-bring Card.

My Build is:
Healing Repair
Reinforced Fabrication
Armor Platings
Shredder Rounds - Op7 Change Cards

I mean Mechanic always have Multi Builds or Hybrid Build, which some Cards are Optional to use for.

Feel free to Join the Discussion.

The Overclocked locker card is alright but I feel like you don’t really need it unless you have a Demo or a Pilot using the Dropshot build.

Getting the lockers up to Level 4 are much more important to increase reload speed as opposed to Overclocked locker. Most classes won’t use all the weapons on their locker in one wave so I don’t feel the need to put it on really.

I personally prefer Armor-Plating to Reinforced Fabrication, because it doesn’t take as long to repair. You can run both, but if you are running Reinforced Fabrication you need to use Ingenuity (unless you are using Armor-Plating), because of how long it takes to repair stuff.

If my team is a little weak on DPS I might throw on Overload to give the team a little help.

I like the build though.

I used to run
The tool
Price reduction
More health fortifications
And the last one o would play around with
But now it seems the bleed card for boss waves Is a must

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most useful engineer build

plays Mechanic

It also heals, which the description doesn’t explicitly state at any point similiar to COGears headshots or Strikers stim-card.

The discount-card is also slightly overrated imo. Sure, you can pump out Lv1 barriers for cheap but you save maybe 2-3k on a Lv4 locker.

And I get reinforced fortifs, but Overload is just overkill. Locker card is kinda needed since the only classes that need a locker are Lizzie, JD and maybe Fahz and explosives recharge slow by default so any % helps.

Also; I will never not be sad that people would rather be lazy and play Del when Baird is a much more engaging class and can actively participate in combat, stop Scions from shooting for a few seconds and put some hefty dents into bosses without neglecting any important fortifs-cards.


=( I just got wiped wave 45 in the new map using Robotics Expert by a Flock and a Dropshot Scion.

How exactly do you get to kill stuff for the Precision Repairs? By the time I was aiming the Torque Bow / EMBAR they were either killed by someone else or were able to down me. JFC I rather use something with resistance (like Veteran, Infiltrator, Gunner or Pilot) if facing enemies like that.

Don’t you hate how easily Scions (Boomshots and Dropshots) are able to instantly destroy fortifications?
For example I had 3 Sentries at the back of the base (I always place them to help against Flocks and Guardians), and also had 4 lockers max level and max perked for extra HP yet everything was getting destroyed every wave -_- in contrast, my Mechanic with max HP + HP card + dmg resistance makes it so that Weapom Lockers never get destroyed, seriously. How do you deal with those Scions as Robotics Expert?

In Frenzy, JD doesn’t need a locker. Don’t know about 50 though, haven’t tried him without one there before. It could probably work but it would take some time getting up to speed.

If he plays alongside with tactician (because of explosive ammo regen).

Also, interrogation + spotter support then you’ll definitely won’t need a locker on frenzy :joy: .

Kill-“stealing” or flushers. But the Embar can also tripleheadshot every Drone-type with maxed out crit perk.

Why would you drop the OVK? If a Drone is bothering you, pull it out and blast away. It’s a DBweapon, the 100% dmg-increase + crit perk apply to it as well. Also good to kill Snatchers or Swarmaks.

I usually one build Lv1 barrier and 2 Lv 4 locker at max, usually only 1. It’s annoying when they focus too much on taps, but the second you hear them do their little scream you can rev up the Embar and stun them.

Sentries are expensive decor with a decent team imo. They have their use, sure but I can’t even remember the last time I build one.

But your case sounds like the team was overall pretty bad. Everything breaking is a sign things don’t die fast enough.

I very much prefer 4 boomshots JD over grenade-spam. But JD and Slugger are both banned from my lobbies cause I was so tired of these stupid classes so it’s whatever.

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Boom JD = most op in frenzy
Buy decoys for the boom guys and add fortification health

You never saw a proper Lahni, did you?

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I have yet to see that

With jd you mark a boss and BOOM
Gg ez
Or a sentinel

It’s impossible to lose with a jd that spams boom and ultimate

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Efficient Fabrication only applies to the first level of fortifications, just so you know. On level 4 fabrications it generally saves you about half what your passive does. It’s still good if you like to spam level 1 Barriers, but it doesn’t save you as much as you might think.

And Lahni goes bzzzzz and everything dies.

If only things were that easy.

It is that easy on frenzy for me
And anyone just spamming boom

Only annoying part is setting up the lockers in the begginging and random sentinel

I guess a bit of both. Also, for context this build is for Master Horde.

That can be quite useful! I never really thought to put armor plating on with the reinforced fabrication card. I feel that would be good for more of a defensive-type build, as it bulks up Reinforced Fabrication to a higher degree, making it so you do not have to repair as much. It is not that I see that as bad, but more so excessive.

With this build, granted when I primarily have Demo and/or Tact on my team, I foremostly make the creation and fully upgrading of weapon lockers my top priority. Secondary so with Pilot, Vet, Marx, etc… That said, if an exception arises, resulting in the deferment of making weapon lockers, I see it is kind of one of those things where I would think of it as dependent on the map, namely, how wide certain openings are for barrier placements in dictating how many are necessary. Also, I feel that your play style for Mechanic is more so in tune with Robotics Expert, to note, the use of global reload and precision repairs would benefit you in this regard.

I do agree to a certain extent, that engineers should not just place turrets everywhere solely for the purpose of getting MVP. Again, I find it dependent on the team you are playing with. For me personally, I just barrier hell certain areas to death, and (depending on what map) placing the minimum number of turrets to assist in taking on the brunt of the enemies.

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A good one can carry. Few things can stop one that is played well.

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