I made the COG Gear Corpse do some wacky things and thought I'd share <3


Raise The Roof:

Hope these bring a couple of laughs :slight_smile:



Nah, rebuilt the model, PUT him in a scene I made and gave the THIICC boi a animation :slight_smile:

Oh and I added smoke and a dead tree.
Smoke and dead trees are TIGHT!


There are tons of applications to extract models (umodel was the most popular as far as I remember), textures and animations from Unreal Engine games, also engine is free to use (until you want to earn money from it), so itโ€™s simple to import models to UDK from any unreal engine game.

They are both cool Op.Well done

What I have to say is you made a smoother anims than TC animation crew. Their animations sometimes are cluncky as hell. Yours is smooth.

Lol thatโ€™s awesome!