I made some guesses about the "Jack" profession

I made some guesses about the “Jack” profession


Control an enemy to fight for you, the controlled enemy will automatically restore full health

Pistols and grenades held by enemies are automatically replaced with rifles

Hold most enemies for 30 seconds, pounded beasts for 25 seconds, and rejected, stallions, and offspring for 20 seconds

Let cool for 300 seconds.

Unable to control bosses, wardens, sentinels, guardians, bloodsuckers, etc

Enemies will not actively attack units you control from a distance, unless you actively attack those targets and do damage, or you build barriers, turrets, etc that do damage to those targets.

Once the control is removed, the enemy is freed and continues to attack the player

Passive: the enemy hit by the left button of the main weapon shock shock will enter 50% vulnerable state, continuous shock will make small and medium enemies will enter a rigid state, unable to move and attack.

Stunning Shock base damage 45, 14 jumps per second, 630 per second.

Right click releases a healing beam that heals teammates, buildings, and vehicles, supplying ammunition to turrets and vehicles.

Jack will lose invisibility in charge, capture, attack, heal, repair, or pick up weapons.

The invisible Jack will disengage within 3 meters of the enemy.

Picking up a dead party’s dog tag will no longer remove invisibility.

Repair penalty: Jack costs 3.75 times as much to repair a building as any other class, so don’t let Jack fix anything unless you have to

Fix a broken level 4 decoy, price = 12000x0.2 + 12000x0.75x0.08x3.75 =2400+2700=5100

Jack repair: speed 45, 14 hops per second, 630 repair per second, 189 energy per second

130% Repair card: 103.5 repair speed, 14 hops per second, 1449 repair per second, 434.7 energy per second

Repair kit: speed 50, 7 hops per second, 350 repairs per second, 28 energy per second

Ingenious and efficient repair: 80 speed, 7 hops per second, 560 repair per second, 31.36 energy per second

Combat Engineer: speed 215, 7 hops per second, repair 1505 per second, cost 120.4 energy per second

The mechanic career

Fixed a broken level 4 decoy, price = (3000X (1-0.15-0.32) +3000X (1-0.15) X3) X0.2+ 12000x0.75x0.08x0.7 =1848+504=2352

If the mechanic has a building reinforcement card: 1848+ 33000x0.75x0.08x0.7 =1848+1386=3234

Roboticist career

Fix a broken level 4 decoy, price = (12000 (1-0.15)) X0.2+ 12000x0.75x0.08 =2040+720=2760

The medical profession

(Level 12, Group Repair: Group Resuscitations repair 50% of fortifications (Level 6) (all buildings except assembler and energy shunt can be repaired up to 50% of damaged buildings for free)

Fix a broken level 4 decoy, price =0

Repair mechanic level 4 bait with card, price =0

Fixed droid level 4 decoy, price =0


Level 2, Healing area: Right-clicking medical and repair beams range increased by 70% (level 6)(this length… It’s not like 70% by any means, right?)

Level 3, Shock Beam upgrade: Left click, Shock damage increased by 130% (level 6), base damage increased from 45 to 103.5, damage per second increased from 630 to 1449.Jacks continue to overheat, dealing 65 to 67 damage each time, for a total of 2,925 to 3,015。Carry 130% cards, total 6727.5~6934.5。

Level 4: Optimization Tool: Furnace Increases the power each party gains while melting weapons by 150% (level 6). (The effect is very strong, but jack repeatedly shuttled to the battlefield to pick up weapons and smelt them. Picking up only one weapon at a time was quite a waste of time. Jack ran from the furnace to the position where the enemy dropped weapons and pressed E to pick them up, and then returned to the furnace and pressed E to smelt them. Tier 4 Iron Factory + Tier 6 Carjack, 75% of the cost of a recovered weapon.

I divide it into three classes

(Level 1:2000~2500: Level 1 furnace 50 energy, Level 2 100 energy, Level 3 200 energy, Level 4 300 energy)

(Level 2:3000-4000: Level 1 Furnace 75 energy, Level 2 150 energy, Level 3 300 energy, Level 4 450 energy)

(Level 3:4000+ : Level 1 Furnace 100 energy, Level 2 200 energy, Level 3 400 energy, Level 4 600 energy)

Tier 4 smelters cost 40,000 energy and cost back requires at least 27 weapons with less than 4000 energy and 18 weapons with 4000 energy.

Level 5, Portable resupply: chang 'an E regenerates ammo 125% faster when holding weapons in hand, and remains invisible while carrying weapons and caisson, but remains visible for 0.5 seconds. (6)

Tier 6 recharges 12.5 times faster than tier 1 and 5 times faster than Tier 4, some weapons reach their maximum recharges in 16 seconds due to a BUG (e.g. grenade launcher, reload to 2 rounds) If you reload your weapon and drop it on the ground for Jack to pick up, hold it in your hand for 24 seconds and reload it up to the maximum of 3 rounds. )

BUG: Similar to the GL cavalry rifle, most weapons can only reload at 80% of the limit, such as the kill shotgun limit of 20 rounds, which reaches 80% at 16 seconds – 16 rounds, and Jack stops reloading.

The way to avoid bugs is to actively reload the weapon and place it on top of the armoury – or drop it on the ground (Jack must pick it up within 10 seconds). This will allow you to reload the full 100% cap ammo.

If you drop a weapon on the ground, the weapon with 0 ammo will disappear, so at least 1 round must be left to keep the weapon alive.

Take a kill shotgun for example: Save 1 round of ammo, actively reload the weapon, drop it on the ground, jack picks it up and recharges it to 17 in 24 seconds.

Leave 4 rounds of ammo on the ground (a magazine is 4 rounds), actively reload the weapon, drop it on the ground, Jack picks it up, and charge it to 20 rounds in 24 seconds.

Level 6: Healing speed increased by 130% (Level 6) (no repair speed will be increased)
basis:45 health, 14 hops per second, 630 health per second, 1.5 seconds to restore full health
Take card: 130%:103.5 health, 14 hops per second, 1449 health per second, 0.7 seconds to restore full health

Level 8, Repair Speed: Fortifications repair speed increased by 130% to 115 (Level 6).

Level 10, Mind Control Expert: The “hijacked” enemy gains an additional shield equal to 100% of the maximum HP. The shield will not recover after being attacked.(Level 5)

Level 12, Burst Hijacking: When a player - controlled enemy dies or releases control, it causes an explosion that kills the player - controlled enemy, increasing the damage by 130% (level 6). Control Blaster (a fledgling with a grenade attached to its body) explodes when it runs into an enemy group, giving it a chance to recharge instantly with hijack.

Level 16, Backstab: 25% longer duration when a player - controlled enemy deals a kill (level 6). (7.5 to 5 seconds, depending on the type of enemy the player controls)

Level 18, Sacrifice: When an enemy dies, save a teammate who falls within 30 meters (Level 6).

Level 19. Courage: Control enemy damage with 70% bleed damage. (6) (BUG: jack “hijacked” bleeding after damage, is not in accordance with the “action 4 patch: weapons in the protracted war with 1.5 times damage”, but is calculated according to the base damage of weapons, so will cause harm to bleed data do not tally with the protracted war skill card description, the card of the actual damage only panel data of 50% or lower.)

Max health 5%, total 50%

Mana cooldown is 5% for a total of 50%. Mana move reduced from 300 seconds to 150 seconds.

10% movement speed, 30% total

Repairs cost 5%, 30% total. Also reduced repair energy cost and turret ammo energy cost, due to addition stack, 3.75 times penalty reduced to 3.45 times. There is no meaningful upgrade.

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TL;DR… Cool stuff though.

You’d be shocked how many people (randoms, I guess) don’t seem to understand that Jack repairing is detrimental bc of how expensive it is. Unless it’s obviously necessary - such as post-boss waves.


If I remember correctly, (someone correct me if Im wrong) but this card actually refers to JACK’s health regeneration speed; NOT the speed in which JACK can heal team mates using the healing beam. Is that right?

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I believe that is the case

Yes, that’s correct.
Bad card description. It has to be more specific.

I tested it out again the other day, I think they have fixed it since giving Jack the HP Regen perk a while back. It was definitely slower healing the bots without it, I couldn’t keep them alive being fired point blank compared to having the card equipped. Health regen was the same with or without the card too

The healing distance card doesn’t feel any different so that is pretty much useless. I think it only extends the range at which the beam breaks rather than locking on, even then it feels like half a meter

It’s been a while since I played Jack after getting him to 20, so I can’t be 100% sure

There is no bonus to the player’s own health regeneration


45 health, 14 hops per second, 630 health per second, 1.5 seconds to restore full health

Take card: 130%

103.5 health, 14 hops per second, 1449 health per second, 0.7 seconds to restore full health
Jacks continue to overheat, dealing 65 to 67 damage each time, for a total of 2,925 to 3,015

Carry 130% cards, total 6727.5~6934.5

It should have been overheating for 5 seconds, but in reality it was too hot to continue output in 4.7 seconds